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Transcription Jobs Outlook in 2023

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In this video, Jennifer Marie discusses the current state of transcription job opportunities in 2023. She addresses the question of why she hasn’t been posting about transcription jobs lately and shares her observations on the availability of work. Jennifer highlights that there is currently a shortage of transcription jobs, with many companies either not hiring or placing individuals on waiting lists. She debunks misleading claims from certain YouTube videos that promise high earnings, stating that transcription requires a lot of work and doesn’t make you rich overnight, mentioning CastingWords, CrowdSurfWork, TranscribeMe, Scribie, Rev, and other companies.

Jennifer provides details about each platform, including the availability of work, pay rates, and country restrictions for application.

Additionally, Jennifer suggests alternative options for finding transcription work outside of dedicated platforms. She mentions websites like Upwork, Freelancer, LinkedIn, Fiverr, and PeoplePerHour, where freelancers can search for transcription gigs or create their own gigs to offer transcription services. Jennifer notes that the transcription job market has become more competitive due to advancements in AI transcription software, but human transcription still offers better accuracy in certain cases.

Jennifer concludes the video by sharing her thoughts on the current state of transcription jobs and expressing her commitment to sharing more opportunities as she comes across them. She encourages viewers to check out her transcription playlist for further learning and invites them to subscribe to her channel for future tutorials.

Overall, Jennifer provides valuable insights into the transcription job landscape in 2023, offering viewers a realistic view of the opportunities available and guiding them towards platforms that are actively hiring.

Work at Home Transcriptionists

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Work-at-Home Transcriptionist Opportunity: Join Our Team

Are you an experienced transcriptionist seeking a work-from-home opportunity with a focus on television production content? Look no further. We are currently hiring contractors to join our team of transcriptionists, and we value qualities such as speed, reliability, and flexibility in work schedules.


  • Transcribe verbatim, time-stamped content from video and audio files for various television production companies.
  • Adapt to colorful content, including unedited videos with crude language and alternative lifestyles.
  • Follow specific client formatting requirements, with training and examples provided for guidance.

Training Program:

  • Unpaid training with comprehensive materials and examples.
  • Remote assistance via desktop software and phone support.

Job Requirements:

  1. Skills and Experience:
    • Typing speed of at least 65 wpm.
    • Minimum 1 year recent experience in Microsoft Word, Excel, or similar word processors.
  2. Equipment:
    • Personal computer with video playback capability.
    • Reliable internet connection (20mbps recommended).
    • Specific FTP, remote desktop, and transcription software will be provided.
  3. Availability:
    • Openness to working on weekends.

Compensation Structure:

Upon successful completion of training, compensation is tiered based on the number of interview subjects:

  • Single interview subject: $0.65 per minute.
  • Two to three interview subjects: $0.70 per minute.
  • Four interview subjects: $0.75 per minute.


  • Training: Unpaid.
  • Payment Schedule: Weekly.

Application Process:

If you meet the requirements and are ready to take on this challenging yet rewarding role, email your resume and any questions to Jessica Dyer. Explore more details on this job opportunity at Craigslist.

Apply now. Opportunities like these don’t last long.

Court Transcriptionist

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Court Transcriptionist

Some responsibilities include:

MUST have experience transcribing Family or Civil Court proceedings from digital recordings. This is NOT a job for court reporters, paralegals or lawyers.

This is NOT a job for people seeking entry level positions of any kind.

We are looking ONLY for experienced court transcriptionists with a minimum of 3 years experience. Location is not important. Please send cover letter and resume.

CLICK HERE to view this job opportunity (the link will be in the Google result). Apply now. Jobs go fast!

Medical Transcriptionist for Aspirus

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Medical Transcriptionist for Aspirus in Wausau, WI

Some responsibilities include:

Medical Transcriptionist



Aspirus Inc
Physical Work Location

Aspirus Westwood Center – Wausau, WI

Aspirus Inc – Transcription

Majority Time


Mostly day with need to cover varied 4 Hr. shifts

Job Details

The Medical Transcriptionist is responsible for timely and accurate transcription of medical dictation and correspondence. This will include:

– Opportunity to work from home!
– Transcribing edical records, reports, and correspondence within the 24-48 hour guidelines.
– Proofing and utilizing spell check for accuracy of transcribed information.
– Retrieving, printing and editing progress notes from transcription service computer.
– Performs other duties as requested by supervisor.


– Graduation of a two-year Medical Vocational Training Program or one-year diploma in Medical Transcription.
– Current AAMT certification desired.
– Knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology.
– Follows the AAMT Standards of Style.
– Ability to accurately maintain a minimum of 150 lines per hour and 98% accuracy of transcription.

Apply now. Jobs go fast!

Transcriber for Sync Script

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Transcriber for Sync Script

Some responsibilities include:

Who: SyncScript — an emerging transcription firm focused in business, market research and insurance transcription.

What: Transcribers at all skill levels. Successful team members are reliable typists who possess a strong attention to detail, good typing speed and a love for grammar. A love for learning new things doesn’t hurt either — topics of transcription run from dog owners to keynote speakers and everything in between.

Where: Your house or wherever you choose! This is a work-from-home position.

When: Up to you! Transcribers have the flexibility to set their own schedules, working as much as they’d like. We ask that you are available for a minimum of 3 sound hours per week.

Why: ScynScript values your work! We are building a team of contractors looking to earn money and also have a flexible work schedule. The standard rate of pay is $.53-$.63/audio minute. Rates will vary based on assignment type and may increase after 6 months, based on the contractor’s ability to accurately complete difficult audio, medical terminology, accents and other more advanced files.

Position Requirements:
Microsoft Word 2007/2010
High Speed Internet
A typing speed of 70+ wpm
98% accuracy

How to Apply:
All applicants are required to take a 7 minute test file and a short grammar test.

Visit our website for more information on the position and to access the test information:

Thanks for your interest!

CLICK HERE to view this job opportunity (the link will be in the Google result). Apply now. Jobs go fast!

Transcriber for Telenotes

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Transcriber for Telenotes

Some responsibilities include:

$11.50 an hour – Full-time, Part-time
This position is for a part-time transcriber.:
Before applying, please complete the typing test http://telenotes.TypingTestPro.com/start?test=1. Minimum WPM is net 70 to be eligible for hire. If selected for an interview you will be required to take the typing test during the interview. You will be disqualified if you do not take the required typing test listed above. You must also submit a resume.

Your name will then be placed on our qualified applicants list, though this doesn’t guarantee a position.We hire depending on our workload, which can change often. When we are ready to hire we will call applicants if they are selected to conduct an in office interview.
We are currently only hiring individuals that reside in Utah within a reasonable commute area from the corporate office in Taylorvsille, UT.
All employees will be required to attend an in office training at our office for one week Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. After that all work is done from home.
Pay is piece rate and averages about $11.50 an hour just depending on speed and quality of transcription. Average gross monthly income is $440.00.
Telenotes requires each transcriber to transcribe a certain amount of sound file seconds each day depending on how long you have been with Telenotes. This is approximately 2 1/2 to 4 hrs per day of transcription time, possibly more if needed in order to ensure the work gets done each day. The transcriber position, although designed as a work from home part-time position, is not an ideal fit for individuals who already possess another full-time job due to the daily transcribing requirements of the position and irregular workflow. The necessity of an individual’s full-time or part-time job schedules make it difficult for the individual holding a full-time or part-time position to meet the required daily minimum transcription seconds.
Minimum seconds required can change at management’s discretion at any time with or without notice depending on our workload.

System requirements:

Noise cancelling headset
Keyboard (Ergonomic recommended). Mouse *If using a laptop, we recommend turning off the Touch Pad and using a mouse.)
High Speed internet
4G Ram
Windows.net framework
Media Player
Mac computers need to run Parallels, or Boot Camp program to run windows. You would then have to purchase Windows for your Mac if you don’t currently have that and install it on your machine in order to be able to run our software on your computer. This would all need to be done prior to coming in for training if you are hired.

Other requirements:

Basic computer skills (Ability to do a screen print and email, ability to uninstall/install programs, basic troubleshooting)
Good grammar, spelling, punctuation, proper use of different forms of a word for example there, their, they’re
Ability to listen to a recorded message and transcribe words verbatim.
Fast learner, great attention to detail. There is a lot of information to remember and all communication is sent out via email, text message or phone call.


Flexible work schedule
Work from home
Incentive programs

To find out more visit Indeed.com and search for the position title and company. Apply now. Jobs go fast!

A+ Legal Transcriptionist Cambridge Transcriptions – Cambridge, MA

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A+ Legal Transcriptionist for Cambridge Transcriptions – Cambridge, MA
Some responsibilities include:

**Previous transcription experience
**Access to transcription equipment (foot pedal, quality headphones or audio equipment, computer and internet connection, steno machine, if used, etc.)
**Proficiency in Microsoft Word
**Reliable, flexible and attentive to detail
**Efficient and responsible communicator
**Ability to work efficiently on tasks while maintaining a high-level of accuracy

To find out more visit Indeed.com and search for the position title and company. Apply now. Jobs go fast!