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Name of Company: wiseGEEK

Position: Content Writer

Writer Description: Writing content in various subjects.

Extra info: Constantly tackling questions that may range from really simple queries to the toughest ones, wiseGEEK is an online site offering answers to several inquiries. The questions are usually raised by the website’s visitors while the answers are crafted by the company’s own team of knowledgeable and expert writers. All the short articles posted on the company’s website serve as answers to specific questions such as “What is a CPA?” or “What are mortgage loans?” Currently, the website contains various answers to almost all types of topics. Users can easily subscribe to the website by initially accessing the subscription page.

The most amazing thing about wiseGEEK is that it provides huge benefits, not only to people who are looking for answers, but also for those who are seeking an online job. To date, this website employs more than 200 writers who are receiving large payouts which can go up to $15 per article.

How to Earn Money: Earning money through the website is as easy as any other writing jobs online. If you’re a US citizen with a real knack for writing, then you can definitely qualify for this job. First, you need to submit your resume along with your two original articles. The company will then send you a test invitation if you satisfy their standards. The test consists of three batches, which requires you to submit three articles each. An editor will be assigned to guide you through the whole process.

You will be allowed to pick three titles from the website. Once you have submitted them, an editor will evaluate your work and you will then proceed to the second and third batches of your test. If you continue to surpass the company’s standards, you will be offered to work as a writer for the website.

How to Succeed as a Writer for wiseGEEK: Succeeding as a freelance writer for this website may demand a considerable amount of time, effort and discipline. Always remember to work closely with your assigned permanent editor. With this in mind, you’re sure to have a really profitable online job with wiseGEEK.

How to Apply: Apply here to get started writing at home for wiseGEEK.