Freelance Work at Home Translation Jobs

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Work at Home jobs translating reports, documents, audios, etc in various fields. Translators usually have many opportunities to work at home, as there is no need to really work in-house.

It’s not uncommon for translators to have their own business and acquire clients, but some do become employees with translation services. Depending on the translation company, they will accept both Independent Contractors and employees.

The work flow for work at home translation can vary, especially depending on which languages a particular worker can translate, in addition to what types of documents are being translated – business, legal, brochures, general, etc. But it’s not uncommon to find that people can make a good living doing translation at home.

Translation Services USA Translating various documents, websites, video games, etc

Capita Translation and Interpreting Translating various documents, medical files, legal files, websites, etc

WorldLingo Proofreading and translating documents.

Language Translation Translating business, academic, etc documents. And also interpreting over the telephone.

Verbatim Solutions Translating various sorts of documents.

Language Line Translating various sorts of documents and also interpreting over the telephone.

Translation Central Translating various documents, especially websites. Also, foreign language research.

101 Translations Translating various sorts of projects and documents.

Win Translation Translating various documents including business cards, websites and much more.

Gaido Translations Translating various documents and projects.

Pearl Linguistics Translating various types of documents including medical, general, websites and more.

Trusted TranslationsTranslating various documents; mostly English to Spanish. But other language combinations as well.

Linguistic Systems Inc Translating various sorts of documents.

TransPerfect Translating various documents in business and more.

Be Translated Translating websites, documents and more.

National Virtual Translation Center Translating speech and/or writings for the FBI.

House of TranslationTranslating and localizing various documents.

ABC Translation Services Translating various documents in medical, business and more.