Work at Home and Parenting

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Most of us need that 9-5 job to survive and to pay for all the things that our family needs. However, at times, we feel tired and wish we could spend most of our time at home. This seems impossible because we know how important an 8-hour job is. It is quite impossible to have the bucks we need if we are not in the office, unless we run our own business. But running a business still requires us to leave the house, so the best option that is left to us is to run our small business at home. This sounds interesting and practical, but we should not forget that while staying at home, we have our obligations as parents and as a partner. Work at home and parenting now becomes challenging.

They say work at home and parenting is a tough choice to make, although the thought of being with your family 24/7 while earning is something that is hard to resist. If this is going to be an option, you may simply modify the arrangement of the furniture at home and make some changes in your house rules. This does not promise an easy start, but it guarantees success in the long run.

Since you are going to do work at home and parenting at the same time, make sure you have at least one room or one corner at home where you can dedicate for work. This is an essential thing that you should have and no family-related matter should take place in your place of work. It also helps if you will establish your daily routine and set your preferred working schedule per day. Unless you need to get an important or emergency work done ASAP, focus now on your family needs once your “working schedule” is over.

Among the house rules that you may implement is that no one answers the phone but you (at least during your work schedule), unless you will have an exclusive line allotted for your work. As simple as these things may seem, these are important once you may start venturing in your home business. These guidelines help you learn self discipline and your family will also be trained to respect your privacy and know their priorities.