Freelance Work at Home Writing Jobs

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Work from Home Jobs writing articles, reports, etc for various companies. Freelance writing at home for content mill companies has become increasingly popular since 2006. Freelance writers have several writing companies to choose from – as we have listed here.

Being a freelance writer at home can be very flexible, as most companies do have generous deadlines and – with most companies – freelance writers are usually allowed to select which subjects they want to write about. Some companies pay for up-front articles, as well as revenue share.

Payment for up-front articles and rev share can vary, not only by company, but within the same company, due to there being various types of subjects and rankings with different pay scales. But in general, the lower paying articles are $4.00 for 250 words and the higher paying articles are $15.00 for 400+ words.

Rev share can either be 50% to 90% share (for instance, if a visitor to your article clicks on a link for Google AdSense, you get 50% to 90% of the earnings.) But AdSense isn’t the only way to earn with rev share. A writer can also earn money for a certain amount of page views.

Listed below are several great companies you can sign up with and start earning money by writing at home. Click on the title of the writing company you are interested in for more details on that company.

 Hubpages Writing content on various subjects. Can include articles, poetry, reviews and more, of any kind.

 Squidoo Writing articles about hobbies, facts, news and more.

wiseGEEK Writing articles about various subjects.

Blue Mountain Arts Writing various types of greeting cards.

PayU2Blog Posting reviews, articles and links for advertisers on your blog.

PayPerPost Posting articles, reviews and posting links for advertisers on your blog

Blogvertise Writing various tasks that advertisers want you to mention in your blog