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Name of Company: TransCom (formerly Cloud 10 Corp )

Transcom Job Position: At Home Professional

Transcom Job Description: Taking calls for various products and services.

Transcom Job Requirements:High Speed Internet.
– Professional / Articulate Voice
– Quiet Work Environment
– Ability to commit to a challenging job of 32 to 40 hours per week

Extra info: Looking for a home-based career? Well, Transcom just might be the answer you’re looking for. They employ a variety of professionals who are based at home. Together with the use of cutting edge technology as well as being one of the most experienced management teams in the industry, they provide the market a leading contact center solution.

Transcom’s provides at home employment for those professionals or people who do not consider working inside the four-walled office of a regular call center.

They could be parents who prefer staying at home, a semi-retired individual, or someone who is disabled. For interested individuals, you may Transcom’s website at and look for the “apply now” link located at the bottom of the home page. You will be redirected into another page where you will have to choose between applying for a home-based career or for a corporate position. Afterwards, all that’s left to do is follow the remaining steps. Transcom is different from their competitors in the same field for several reasons.

One of which is their ability to understand the importance of balance between work and home thus they are actually allowing their agents to set their preferred time each week instead of having routine working hours that need to be followed.

Traditionally, call center agents are paid based on the time they spent talking with a client.. But with Transcom, agents are paid based on the number of hours they are logged into the system. Another good thing in working from Transcom is that agents are considered employees and not just mere independent contractors.

Payments for their work are directly deposited to their accounts every other Friday. There are opportunities for advancement.

How to Apply: Click here to learn more and apply for the Transcom at home phone job!