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Phone Sales for Local Expert Realty – Falls Church, VA

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Phone Sales for Local Expert Realty – Falls Church, VA
Some responsibilities include:

Appointment Setter / Telesales
Reports To: Team Leader
Position Purpose: To provide sales support by setting face to face appointments to our team of Real Estate Agents.

Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Outbound calling of leads provided by our marketing manager
2. Answer and respond to incoming Phone Calls, Emails, and voice messages from potential buyers.
3. Must follow our system as outlined by the team leader.

Essential Job Functions:
1. Interact professionally and effectively through verbal and written communication with all leads generated by our Marketing Manager
2. The successful candidate must be computer savvy and be able to effectively work with spreadsheets & word processing software. Database management skills are desirable but not required; a bonus would be to have experience in a software program called “CINC” but not required.
3. Be effective with clients on the phone; must be comfortable with following a script and be able to learn objection handling.

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Over the Phone Interpreter for Telelanguage

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Over the Phone Interpreter for Telelanguage
Some responsibilities include:

** Fluent in English and one (1) or more language with both oral and written skills
** A year experience as an interpreter (reviewed on case by case basis)
** Medical training (reviewed on case by case basis)
** A secure and reliable phone line to take calls
** Quiet environment to take calls (personal office)

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Appointment Scheduler with Telelanguage

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Appointment Scheduler Telelanguage in Arizona

Some responsibilities include:

-Accessing company online scheduling program using computer and headset in order to meet customer requests for interpreters.
-Assist our customers over the phone with their interpreter scheduling requests, answer questions, and communicate with Portland call center based agents.
-Connect customers and interpreters using company online portal.
-Communicate effectively using scripted material, policy, guidelines and procedures.
-Query information within the company data bases in order to support customers using our products and services.
-Maintain productivity goals and quality assurance standards.
-Adhere to our formal attendance expectations and overall company policies and procedures.
-Attend all mandated virtual training sessions, including ongoing training and development plans.
-Other projects and duties as assigned.

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Arise Work at Home Job Update

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Latasha Martin warmly welcomes new members to the Rise of Under team, expressing genuine gratitude for their decision to embark on this journey together. Despite the less-than-ideal lighting in her home office, Latasha extends a virtual hug to her audience, emphasizing the simplicity of her own workspace.

She takes a moment to debunk the misconception that a glamorous office equals success, asserting that it’s the hustle and intelligence that truly drive prosperity. Demonstrating her clutter-free environment, Latasha advocates for a clean and quiet space dedicated to servicing clients, emphasizing the impact of a clutter-free space on a clutter-free mind.

Addressing those contemplating joining the Rise, Latasha urges thorough due diligence. She emphasizes the importance of following the proper procedures, including setting up a profile, completing voice assessments, criminal background checks, CSP 101, and CSP 102 before investing in any classes. Her commitment to transparency shines through as she acknowledges that individuals who encounter issues with the company likely failed to adhere to established rules and guidelines.

In a sincere plea, Latasha shares a cautionary tale of someone misrepresenting the Rise and scamming money from a prospective member. She encourages potential recruits to verify the legitimacy of any information by checking the Better Business Bureau, reinforcing the idea that the Rise is a reputable company.
Closing the video in her unfiltered, raw style, Latasha invites direct communication, providing her contact details for those who wish to reach out. She expresses appreciation for the connections formed and apologizes for the video’s simplicity, attributing it to the authenticity of her home office setting.

As she prepares to head out to the grocery store, Latasha signs off with a reminder to stay fearless until the next video.

Latasha Martin talks about her work at home job with Arise