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Virtual Receptionist for Thrive Therapy

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Thrive Therapy’s Search for a Remote Receptionist in Fort Myers, FL

Thrive Therapy, a leading healthcare provider based in Fort Myers, FL, is on the lookout for a dedicated and experienced virtual receptionist to join their team. This remote position is tailored for individuals well-versed in the intricacies of the healthcare profession, ready to offer their expertise from the comfort of their own home.

Position Overview:

As a virtual receptionist with Thrive Therapy, the chosen candidate will play a pivotal role in ensuring seamless communication and coordination within the organization. Here are some key responsibilities that the ideal candidate will handle:

  1. Answering Incoming Phone Calls:
    • Responsibly manage and address incoming calls during the office hours of 8:30 am to 6 pm Eastern Standard Time.
    • Demonstrate excellent telephone etiquette and communication skills.
  2. Scheduling Clients:
    • Efficiently organize and manage client schedules, demonstrating precision and organizational prowess.
  3. Returning Phone Calls:
    • Timely follow-up on phone messages and inquiries, maintaining a high standard of customer service.
  4. Enforcing the Office Cancellation Policy:
    • Ensure adherence to the office cancellation policy, exercising empathy and understanding in managing client appointments.
  5. Maintaining Confidentiality:
    • Create and maintain a confidential workspace at home, recognizing the importance of client privacy.
  6. Online Forum Communication:
    • Stay connected with office personnel through online forums, fostering effective virtual collaboration.

Qualifications and Skills: Thrive Therapy is seeking a candidate with the following attributes:

  • Organized and detail-oriented
  • Possesses empathy and excellent interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrates precision and timeliness in tasks
  • Proficient in telephone communication
  • Previous experience in a healthcare-related role is preferred

Job Type: Contract

This position operates on a contract basis, compensating the virtual receptionist at a rate of $.75 – $1.00 per minute.

How to Apply: Interested candidates can apply through Thrive Therapy’s Indeed page. Be sure to act promptly, as opportunities are filled swiftly in this dynamic work environment.

Telephone Recruiter for Plaza Research Tampa – Tampa, FL

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Telephone Recruiter for Plaza Research Tampa – Tampa, FL
Some responsibilities include:

Potential candidates must be comfortable on the phone and be able to:

Read aloud smoothly from computer screen or paper
Write legibly
Record information precisely as spoken by a respondent
Follow specific instructions given orally and/or in writing
Speak in a clear and pleasant manner on the telephone
Be computer literate and able to utilize database software

Training is provided, although prior telephone experience is preferred. Bilingual is a plus, although not a requirement.

To find out more visit Indeed.com and search for the position title and company. Apply now. Jobs go fast!

Social Media Specialist for 98 Buck Social

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Social Media Specialist for 98 Buck Social – Jupiter, FL

Some responsibilities include:

First of all, you “get it.” You are social media savvy and actively use the major social networks. You understand how businesses and brands use social media to build and engage with their audiences.
You thrive on results: You get excited with every like, retweet, share, and comment, and it bugs you when a post doesn’t get as much interaction as it should.
You love discovering and sharing interesting, unique, relevant content (this will be the bulk of your work), and you are really great at writing creative intros to said content that don’t put people to sleep. You also have the ability to adapt to different personality styles – important for allowing the client’s unique “vibe” to come through.
You are a self-starter and thrive on working independently, and you also enjoy working in a small team environment. This is a work from home position, so you must be disciplined enough to do what needs to be done – every single time.

To find out more visit Indeed.com and search for the position title and company. Apply now. Jobs go fast!