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Email Deliverability Specialist for EngageIQ

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Email Deliverability Specialist at EngageIQ in Santa Clara, CA

About EngageIQ:

EngageIQ, an avant-garde Internet marketing company situated in the technological hub of Santa Clara, California, invites candidates for the role of Email Deliverability Specialist. While our headquarters lies at the heart of Silicon Valley, this position offers the flexibility of remote work.

Who We Are:

We pride ourselves on being a dynamic global team of technology-driven entrepreneurs and marketers. Year after year, we achieve substantial success by delivering significant volumes of online leads to numerous companies.

The Ideal Candidate:

If you are well-versed in email deliverability and possess hands-on experience handling substantial email volumes, we want you to join our family. Our ideal candidate will not only understand the intricacies of email marketing but also demonstrate expertise in analyzing deliverability and improving inbox placement.

Key Qualifications:

  1. Proficient in email deliverability, with hands-on experience in managing large email volumes.
  2. Expertise in guiding script development for email deliverability analysis.
  3. Competent in setting up and monitoring delivery metrics, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.
  4. Proven track record and experience with deliverability testing.


  1. Collaborate with the marketing and technology team to devise a strategy for expanding our email reach.
  2. Identify opportunities and troubleshoot issues to enhance subscriber acquisition and user experience.
  3. Utilize email and website analytics to uncover untapped growth areas.
  4. Oversee the entire lifecycle of email campaigns, from conception to testing, measurement, and optimization.


Competitive salary and bonus.

To apply, visit EngageIQ Careers. Act swiftly as opportunities are filled promptly.

Note: EngageIQ does not use exclamation points; we let our success speak for itself.

Aloha POS Technician / Tier 2 for Datum Technologies LLC

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Navigating the Aloha POS Landscape: Tier 2 Support Technician Opportunity at Datum Technologies LLC

Datum Technologies LLC of Los Angeles, CA, is currently on the lookout for a meticulous and dedicated professional to join their team as an Aloha POS Support Technician – Tier 2. The successful candidate will play a crucial role in ensuring the seamless operation of Aloha POS software, terminals, printers, and networks, ultimately enhancing the overall efficiency of our clients’ business processes.

Position Details: Telecommute/Remote/Work from Home

Role Overview: Aloha POS Support Technician – Tier 2

The primary responsibility of the Aloha POS Support Technician – Tier 2 is to address and resolve Aloha System-related issues for our valued clients. This pivotal role involves handling a spectrum of tasks, ranging from receiving and documenting end user help requests to actively resolving incidents and escalating when necessary to uphold SLA expectations. As an integral part of Datum Technologies’ Support Center, the technician will serve as the initial point of contact for customers, while also functioning as an escalation point for Tier 1 Technicians.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Efficient Incident Management:
    • Field incoming requests from end users through various support channels.
    • Document all relevant information, ensuring accurate and detailed records.
  2. Prioritization and Resolution:
    • Prioritize and resolve incidents adhering to ITIL methodology.
    • Resolve Aloha issues escalated by Tier 1 Technicians.
  3. On-site Troubleshooting and System Maintenance:
    • Provide on-site troubleshooting and repair of Aloha systems when necessary.
    • Perform system staging and configuration for new/replacement Aloha systems.
    • Conduct preventative maintenance, including checking and cleaning terminals, printers, and peripherals.
  4. Training and Knowledge Enhancement:
    • Train end users at new locations on the use of Aloha as configured for that client.
    • Continuously identify and learn appropriate software and hardware used and supported by the organization.
  5. Collaboration and Communication:
    • Utilize knowledgebase, FAQs, teammates, and available resources for effective incident resolution.
    • Contribute to the overall team effort in achieving established SLAs.
  6. Performance Metrics:
    • Consistently meet and exceed established benchmarks in performance set forth by management for all Tier 2 Technicians.

If you are ready to embark on a challenging yet rewarding journey in the realm of Aloha POS technology, Datum Technologies LLC encourages you to apply for this position. For more details and to submit your application, visit Datum Technologies LLC on Indeed.

Note: Apply now, as positions are filled promptly. Datum Technologies LLC values your professional commitment to excellence.

Customer Service / Sales Rep for SimpleNerds

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Customer Service / Sales Rep Position at SimpleNerds in Orange County, CA

SimpleNerds, a prominent provider of website design services, is seeking a proficient Customer Sales Representative to join their team remotely. If you possess adept communication skills, excel in handling phone calls and emails, this role could be your perfect fit. Dive into the details to explore this intriguing opportunity further.

Position Details:

  • Part-Time Schedule: 12pm – 4pm PST, Monday to Friday.
  • Compensation: $15 to $18 per hour after commission ($10 base pay).


  1. Engage with Customers:
    • Field incoming customer calls and emails, adeptly articulating our suite of services.
    • Address customer inquiries, guiding them through the process effectively.
  2. Lead Management:
    • Manage multiple leads concurrently, scheduling follow-up calls and dispatching timely emails.
    • Nurture leads to conversion, showcasing the value proposition of SimpleNerds.
  3. Order Management:
    • Assist customers with billing concerns, facilitating seamless order placements via phone.


  1. Communicative Proficiency:
    • Exhibit enthusiasm and energy over the phone, persuasively advocating SimpleNerds’ offerings.
    • Demonstrate patience and empathy, especially when catering to customers who may lack technical proficiency or exhibit frustration.
  2. Organizational Skills:
    • Maintain meticulous organization amidst a high volume of emails and phone calls.
  3. Sales Experience:
    • Prior experience in sales and proficiency in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools like Salesforce are essential.
  4. Work Environment:
    • Ensure a quiet home setup conducive to remote work.

If you are intrigued by the prospect of joining SimpleNerds’ dynamic team and possess the requisite skills and experience, seize this opportunity by sending your resume to the provided email address.

For more information, visit SimpleNerds.com.

In conclusion, the Customer Service / Sales Rep position at SimpleNerds offers a compelling blend of customer interaction, sales acumen, and remote flexibility, making it an enticing opportunity for individuals seeking a rewarding career path in the tech industry.

Patent Associates/Agents For In-Office Or Work At Home Position for Vierra Magen Marcus LLP

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Join Vierra Magen Marcus LLP: Patent Associates/Agents Wanted

Vierra Magen Marcus LLP, a prestigious IP law firm based in San Francisco, CA, is currently seeking skilled and motivated Patent Associates/Agents. This firm, recognized nationally for its excellence in intellectual property law, is offering both in-office and remote work opportunities, providing flexibility to accommodate diverse professional needs.

Key Responsibilities

As a Patent Associate/Agent with Vierra Magen Marcus LLP, you will:

  • Represent the firm’s Fortune 500 and other high-profile clients.
  • Engage in patent prosecution activities.
  • Utilize your expertise in Electrical Engineering (EE), Computer Science (CS), and/or Physics.

Why Vierra Magen Marcus LLP?

The firm stands out for its commitment to providing exceptional legal services while maintaining a supportive and collegial work environment. Here are some highlights:

  • Clientele Diversity: Work with a geographically diverse and prestigious client base.
  • Flexible Work Options: Opportunity to work remotely or relocate to San Francisco with moving expenses covered.
  • Firm Reputation: Ranked as the top boutique IP law firm in the nation by IP TodayTM.
  • Work Environment: Enjoy a friendly, collegial, and relaxed atmosphere that promotes professional growth and work-life balance.

Ideal Candidate Profile

  • Must have patent prosecution experience.
  • Must possess a degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and/or Physics.

How to Apply

If you are interested in joining a top-tier IP law firm that values both excellence and a positive work culture, consider applying to Vierra Magen Marcus LLP. Given the competitive nature of these positions, prompt application is encouraged.

For more information and to apply, visit Vierra Magen Marcus LLP Careers.

Vierra Magen Marcus LLP offers a unique opportunity for Patent Associates/Agents to advance their careers in a highly respected firm with flexible working arrangements. This could be the ideal next step for your professional journey in IP law.