Work at Home Transcriptionists

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Work at Home Transcriptionists

Some responsibilities include:

We prepare verbatim, time-stamped transcripts from video and audio files made by various television production companies. We are looking for contractors who are work-at-home transcriptionists. They should be fast, reliable and have flexible work schedules.

Content can be colorful so candidates should be open-minded. Since we regularly deal with unedited video for television, transcriptionist will hear crude language and come across alternative lifestyles.

Our clients require specific formatting that can be foreign to an experienced transcriptionist. Because of this, we will provide specific notes and examples for any interested applicant to train with. TRAINING WILL BE UNPAID. Training assistance will be provided.

Candidates who wish to apply for the job must successfully complete our training program. Training materials will be provided and will include examples of transcripts that are complete and have already been approved by a client. What you will be working on is not material to be returned to a client. It is material that will be used to gauge your speed, accuracy, punctuality in meeting a deadline and ability to pick up our specific formatting. Your main goal will be to accurately replicate the example we’ve provided in a set amount of time. Training assistance will be provided via remote desktop software as well as over the phone.

Job requirements:
-Minimum requirements include a typing speed of 65 wpm and at least 1 year of recent experience in Microsoft Word, Excel and/or similar word processor programs.

-Candidates must have their own computer.

-Computer must be able to play videos.

-Reliable connection to the Internet is required. Broadband Internet of at least 20mbps is recommended.

-Specific FTP, remote desktop and transcription software must be used and will be provided. You will be responsible for installing software on your computer.

– Interested contractors must be open to working during the weekends.

Upon successful completion of training and after being hired, compensation will go as follows:
– Interviews with a SINGLE interview subject (producer/interviewer does not count), you will be paid $0.65 per minute.

– Interviews with a TWO – THREE interview subjects (producer/interviewer does not count), you will be paid $0.70 per minute.

– Interviews with a FOUR interview subjects (producer/interviewer does not count), you will be paid $0.75 per minute.

-Training is unpaid.
-After hire payments for work completed will be weekly.

Please email resumes and questions to Jessica Dyer.

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