French/Quebecois Customer Care Specialist in Las Vegas, NV

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French/Quebecois Customer Care Specialist
Department: Food Preparation & Serving Related
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Some responsibilities include:

** Must possess excellent and effective communications skills.
** Must possess superb organizational skills and be able to administer multiple and concurrent tasks with speed and proficiency. Must possess proficient knowledge of computer programs, i.e., Microsoft Word, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer.
** Must be able to consistently apply training received on computer programs including, but not limited to Atlas, Kronos and 13.
** Must be able to type with proficiency at a rate of thirty (35) words per minute (independent certification to validate typing speed might be required). Must maintain a level accuracy of at least 90% of input on all data entry tasks.
** Must maintain a Travel Adventure Certificate tour conversion rate of 30% at the time of initial booking.
** Must maintain an average of 125 calls per day (inbound and outbound in total) over a bi-weekly period. This requisite is following the first initial 30 days with the department.
** When working the day shift you must average 5 reservation bookings per day or 50 bookings bi-weekly. If you are working the evening shift you must
average 3 reservation bookings per day or 30 bi-weekly. This requisite is following the first initial 30 days after training is completed within the department. Team member will be held to Call Connection/Waiting time blended at 66%, Pause time16%, After Call Work13% and a System Pause of 5%.
** Must prepare 70 confirmation letters per day at a minimum.
** Must meet established minimum target quotas, per week, for activations, confirmations and servicing of inbound calls. ** Responsible for making reservations, servicing all guest, owner and members.
** Responsible for saving packages that call in to cancel.

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