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Clinical Transformation Consultant for Highmark Health

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Clinical Transformation Consultant Opportunity at Highmark Health

Highmark Health is seeking a dedicated Clinical Transformation Consultant to join their team and drive provider practice transformation in West Virginia. This role is crucial in supporting various strategic care delivery models endorsed by the organization.

Key Responsibilities

Job Overview

The Clinical Transformation Consultant will:

  • Travel extensively (up to 75% or 3-4 days a week) to network providers in West Virginia.
  • Lead the day-to-day execution of projects and initiatives related to provider transformation and performance excellence.
  • Act as the primary catalyst for identifying and facilitating changes through industry-standard, evidence-based best practices aimed at achieving clinical operations excellence and optimal patient care outcomes.

Essential Responsibilities

  1. Consultative and Training Services
    • Provide hands-on consulting and training to network providers, including hospitals, primary care practices, specialty care practices, and ancillary providers.
    • Conduct baseline provider performance and practice analyses.
    • Perform gap assessments and team facilitation.
    • Develop transformation plans.
    • Foster collaborative relationships between care providers and suppliers.
    • Oversee the development of educational and process improvement tools to promote provider-specific goals.
  2. Field and Off-Site Training
    • Deliver consultative services through on-site fieldwork and various off-site training models such as webinars and video conferences.
  3. Project Implementation
    • Plan and facilitate the implementation of provider site-based projects and initiatives.
    • Oversee the acceleration and dissemination of best practice activities to ensure organizational alignment.


Candidates should be highly motivated individuals with a passion for improving healthcare delivery. Strong analytical, communication, and project management skills are essential for success in this role. The ability to travel frequently is also required.


Interested candidates can learn more about this opportunity and apply by visiting Highmark Health Careers.

This position offers a unique chance to play a pivotal role in enhancing healthcare delivery and patient outcomes across West Virginia.