B2B Call Agent for inSegment

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B2B Call Agent Position at inSegment, Boston, MA

inSegment, based in Boston, MA, is on the lookout for a proactive and experienced B2B Call Agent to join their team. The position offers a unique opportunity to engage with professionals across diverse industries, fostering connections through outbound calls.

Key Responsibilities: Navigating Conversations with Precision

  1. Strategic Outreach: Initiating outbound B2B calls to business professionals, offering them tailored and complimentary reading materials.
  2. Daily Commitment: Execute a minimum of 150 calls daily through our provided platform, ensuring consistent and targeted outreach.
  3. Precision in Documentation: Uphold meticulous record-keeping practices post-call, contributing to a comprehensive and organized database.

Qualifications: Building Bridges with Expertise

  1. B2B Experience: A minimum of 6 months of hands-on experience in performing B2B calls, showcasing a proven track record of effective communication.
  2. Language Proficiency: Strong English communication skills with a minimal or zero accent, ensuring clear and engaging conversations.
  3. Professional Demeanor: Demonstrate charm and professionalism during phone interactions, fostering a positive impression with potential customers.
  4. Remote Capability: Possess the infrastructure to work from home, including a personal computer and headset, facilitating a seamless virtual work experience.

Application Process: Your Gateway to inSegment

To be considered for this impactful position, interested candidates must submit a cover letter detailing their previous call center experience and provide their most recent resume. Additionally, a brief 20-second voice recording is required for a comprehensive evaluation of communication skills.

To explore this career opportunity, visit inSegment Careers. Act swiftly, as opportunities like these are in high demand. Join inSegment, where professionalism meets innovation.

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