Appointment Setter for Zinfi

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Zinfi is seeking appointment setters in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Pleasanton, California, Zinfi. This role, nestled in the heart of technology and innovation, offers a unique chance to contribute to Zinfi’s growth while gaining valuable experience in the field.


  1. Database Engagement:
    • Dial out from the reseller/end-user database meticulously curated by Zinfi’s in-house data research team.
  2. Prospective Outreach:
    • Extend invitations to potential buyers and partners for a conference call, focusing on OEM product categories and partnership programs.
  3. CRM Management:
    • Enter detailed call disposition reports into the CRM system, ensuring accurate and organized data.
  4. Follow-Up Expertise:
    • Thoroughly follow up with individuals who have shown interest through “read opens” and “click-throughs.”
  5. Appointment Coordination:
    • Set up appointments between interested prospects and the customer, streamlining the connection process.
  6. Communication Precision:
    • Send Outlook Invites to interested prospects, providing them with a bridge number for seamless connectivity.
  7. Pre-Appointment Engagement:
    • Prioritize pre-appointment engagement by reaching out a day before through email and phone calls.
  8. Attendance Optimization:
    • Call an hour before scheduled appointments to maximize attendance and ensure a fruitful interaction.
  9. Rescheduling Efforts:
    • Skillfully follow up with prospects unable to attend, aiming to reschedule for a future date and time.
  10. Reporting Integrity:
    • Submit daily call reports, including the number of dial-outs, contacts, call-backs, etc., to the Team Lead.
  11. Expert Connection:
    • Connect the customer to the relevant product expert, fostering a seamless transition in the sales process.

Desired Skills & Experience:

  • Quick learner with the ability to understand and promote Zinfi’s products effectively.
  • Coachable and teachable, displaying a willingness to learn and apply sales skills.
  • Proficient in basic computer and internet processes.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and a commitment to a high work ethic.
  • Energy-driven with the capability to make a high volume of phone calls.
  • Experience in sales is preferred, accompanied by internet/systems savvy.
  • Some college education or equivalent is strongly preferred.
  • Demonstrated/proven track record of success with MS Office skills.

Reporting Structure:

The Appointment Setter role reports to the Manager Inside Sales Support, ensuring a collaborative and supportive work environment.


Zinfi offers a highly competitive salary, excellent benefits, opportunities for career growth, and a positive work environment. If you’re ready to step into a challenging yet rewarding position, apply now at Zinfi Careers. Remember, opportunities like these move swiftly!

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