Virtual Assistant and Outbound Sales for The Admin Center

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Virtual Assistant and Outbound Sales for The Admin Center in Boise, ID

The Admin Center, based in Boise, Idaho, is currently seeking a Virtual Assistant and Outbound Sales professional. This position promises a dynamic work environment where you will provide crucial administrative and technical support to clients. Below, you will find the key details and requirements for this role.

Key Responsibilities

  • Phone Coverage: May require extended periods on phone without breaks.
  • Administrative Assistance: Provide professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) support to clients.
  • Client Interaction: Offer exceptional customer service through phone calls, demonstrating proper professional phone etiquette.
  • Problem Solving: Identify and address inconsistencies in data, evaluating the best course of action.
  • Technical Proficiency: Utilize Google Apps and Microsoft Office efficiently.
  • Adaptability: Embrace an ever-changing work environment and be willing to learn continuously.

Position Requirements

  1. Age and Authorization: Must be at least 18 years old and authorized to work in the U.S.
  2. Location: Reside in Boise, ID, or surrounding areas.
  3. Experience: Preferably at least two years of relevant experience.
  4. Flexibility: Capable of working varied shifts between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday.
  5. Skills:
    • Exceptional attention to detail
    • Strong organizational and time-management skills
    • Excellent verbal and written communication, with a solid grasp of grammar and spelling
    • Ability to anticipate needs in a fast-paced environment
  6. Professionalism: Demonstrate a positive work ethic, personal integrity, and honesty. Service-driven with the clients’ best interests in mind.
  7. Technical Skills: High computer literacy with extensive knowledge of Google Apps and Microsoft Office.
  8. Calm Under Pressure: Maintain composure in high-pressure situations.

Additional Qualifications

  • Education: High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Work Ethic: Ability to take initiative, operate independently, and support a vision and direction.
  • Learning and Adaptation: Willingness to troubleshoot and adapt to new challenges and changes.

Employment Details

  • Job Type: Part-time or Full-time options available.
  • Salary: $11.00 per hour, plus incentives.
  • Location: Boise, ID

If you meet the qualifications and are eager to contribute to a the team. The Admin Center offers a promising opportunity. This role is ideal for those who are organized, adaptable, and driven by client satisfaction.

For more information and to apply, visit The Admin Center on Indeed.

Don’t miss this chance to advance your career in a supportive environment.

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