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    Sales Manager

    Some responsibilities include:

    Virtual Hiring and Sales Manager Needed!

    This position is great for those whose time is flexible, those who are use to being out of the office 99% of the time, and for those who are comfortable working on a commission only pay scheduled and running a team of sales reps that work on their own

    Do you have What it Takes?
    Are you great at Hiring and Sales? Can you build a team or can you build a team that will listen to you? If you find a product you like, can you sell it? Are you your “Own Boss” kind of guy? Are you familiar with online marketing? Do you mind working from your cell phone? Are you a closer? Would you be able to hire your own sales team? Are you able to do your work without any micro management? Are you self motivated? If you have all these traits, then we are looking for you, so please send your resume.

    Who isFAM leads?
    FAM Leads is a fun, creative, marketing and advertising company. Our goal is to help our customers get the word out about their company and services and currently we are provide Massive Marketing campaigns to our clients to do just that, get the word out. We specialize in Marketing and our Service and it’s a low cost of way to market for company without a long term contract. FAM lead help get company’s phone to ring with customers that want there service. We service anyone that has a service to offer to customers. It could be from: Contractors of all types, mortgage, car detailing, and so on. Check us out at www.famleads.com

    What are the Job Requirements?
    As a Hiring and Sales Manager, your job description is to Hire a Virtual Sales Team, Answer Phone Calls, Make Sales, Manage Online Meeting, Keep Track of Online Sales Team Orders, Hit Monthly Goals, and Stay Consistent.

    What is the Commission or Income?
    Payment is made every two weeks between the 5th and 20th of each month.
    Commission is a Residual Commission for as long as you are with the company and meet requirements.
    $10% Commission on all invoices that is Paid on every sale made by the Sales Manager

    5% Override from every sale From your sales team that you hire, and manage.

    Each client will spend an average of $1200 a month. So if you personal get 40 clients that’s $48,000 a month at 10% = $4800 plus if you get 3 sales reps to do the same that’s $144,000 X 5%= $7200 for a total of $12,000 a month every month as long as you and your team brings in an average of 5 new clients a month until you and your team has and keeps 300 clients. At that time you just manage your book of business. Your income can grow and grow as long as you and your team bring in clients.

    What are we looking for in a Hiring and Sales Manager?
    We are looking for someone who knows this will take a lot of hard work. We are looking for someone who is organized, someone who really want to get to learn online marketing, and someone who understand that this is not a get rich quick scheme, but with a little time and effort, you can make a lot of money from the residual sales.

    Check us out at www.famleads.com. And then email your resume and tell us why you will be perfect fit as a sales manager with our company.

    CLICK HERE to view this job opportunity (the link will be in the Google result). Apply now. Jobs go fast!


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    Sales Manager in Bowling Green, KY

    Some responsibilities include:

    Title Sales Representative
    Location Bowling Green, KY
    Pay Rate Based on experience

    TAZ Trucking is outgrowing it’s business. We need a strong energetic sales force to expand our presence in our growing market areas.

    Responsibilities for Sales Account Manager: Acquire and manage new and existing accounts, generate business leads, achieve sales objectives by growing the target market, fill backhaul lanes, build depth in the market place, prospect and qualify accounts.

    – Ability to multi-task
    – Customer service focused.
    – Written and verbal communication skills.
    – Excellent communication and organizational skills
    – Work in a fast paced environment and handle stress and various personalities.
    – Strong negotiating skills.
    – Excellent problem solving skills
    – Attention to detail and accuracy
    – Preferably an existing book of business

    What we offer:
    – Health, Dental and Vision plans available.
    – Excellent working environment.
    – Family owned and operated.
    – Holiday pay after 6 months.
    – Vacation pay after 1 year.

    CLICK HERE to view this job opportunity (the link will be in the Google result). Apply now. Jobs go fast!

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