Editor for Upworthy – Portland, OR

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Editor for Upworthy – Portland, OR

Some responsibilities include:

You bring experience and confidence in delivering articles and beautifully written stories to a wide digital audience, and have a nerd’s love for narrative structure — we bring writers who are reaching huge swaths of the Internet with stories for a better world.

We are in search of an energetic, enthusiastic team leader who can inspire a set of writers to deliver engaging, empathetic, true stories and essays, built to be shared widely across the Internet. You have smart approaches to developing original ideas and are experienced in helping writers execute them. You know how to move people in text, images and you have thoughts about social media’s role in storytelling. Your sure editorial hands will make a big impact right away.


**Manage and edit a team of 4 to 6 writers to produce empathy-driven, nonfiction stories that will make an impact by traveling widely on the Internet (and making the world a better place!).
**Ability to manage multiple writers and stories in a fast-paced environment.
**Solicit and edit impactful freelance and licensed work from outside contributors.
**Be an energetic and enthusiastic team leader, who can rally your remote writers on a daily basis, with verve and creativity.
**Provide regular feedback to your writers, interpreting trends from our data analysts into storytelling advice.
**Add style, swiftness, structure and standards to the work of our diverse team of writers, from varied backgrounds.
** Be available for a few on-call weekend shifts as needed, when breaking news hits.

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