Creative Job Ad Writer (marketing) – Part-Time for ApplicantPro – Lehi, UT

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Creative Job Ad Writer (marketing) – Part-Time for ApplicantPro – Lehi, UT

Some responsibilities include:

A day in the life as a creative ad writer:

Let’s be honest, most job ads are boring. They tend to be written from the perspective of what the employer wants (or demands) and many times HR simply uses their legally reviewed job description (written by a lawyer or a consultant for a different purpose) as their ad. It’s kinda like if Apple posted the technical manual for the iPad in a magazine, or if drug companies started their commercials talking about all of the side effects of the drug.

Your job will be to gather information about the company, their culture, the job they are looking to hire for, the job requirements, the target job seeker demographic, etc, and build an advertisement that reads more like a story than a legal contract. The primary goal of every job ad will be to grab and hold the attention of job seekers and make them excited about applying for the job. The ad needs to be about what the job seeker wants to know, about why they would want to work for the company, and answer the questions that the average job seeker has before they apply for a job. Some ads will be funny, some will be serious, it just depends on the culture of the company and the target job seekers, but the key is that they need to be engaging. You’ll also need to make sure that the proper search terms and keywords are used in the ad so that the job pops up when a job seeker runs a search on a job board.

You will be working from home (although you can work from one of our offices if you choose) and setting your own hours, but we expect you to deliver timely job ads for us to post for our clients.

What you need to be qualified for this job:

You might be thinking, I don’t have any experience in HR or recruiting, well that’s GREAT because this is a marketing job. To get this job you need to have great creative writing skills. Experience and/or education in communications, marketing, blogging, storytelling, or journalism would be a great start, but they aren’t required. (our best ad writer is one of our programmers). The key here is your ability to gather information from the employer, research the target job seeker demographic, and then to write up an engaging ad that will generate results.

To find out more visit and search for the position title and company. Apply now. Jobs go fast!

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