Work at Home Mom Roshini Speaks About Self Worth

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Roshini provides her audience with a glimpse into her day, seamlessly blending personal anecdotes with reflections on her evolving approach to collaborations and brand partnerships.
As Roshini sits down to tackle her workload, she takes a moment to engage with her viewers, explaining her shift towards valuing her time and expertise. Responding to emails, pitching brands, and juggling her responsibilities, Roshini emphasizes the importance of aligning with companies whose values resonate with her own.

She delves into a pivotal moment from three years ago when a company initially approached her for a brand ambassadorship. Despite feeling crushed when the opportunity didn’t extend beyond that initial interaction, Roshini’s recent revelation about understanding her self-worth prompts her to revisit the brand. Intriguingly, just after expressing her concerns to her husband, the same company reaches out again, offering collaboration possibilities.

Roshini recounts her decision to pitch the company for sponsored content instead of accepting the usual product reviews. Demonstrating a newfound confidence, she declines when informed that there is no budget for payment. This shift in mindset reflects Roshini’s acknowledgment of her value and a departure from the past desire for validation.

As the vlog progresses, Roshini seamlessly weaves in updates about her family, including her husband’s unexpected illness and her son’s adventures with a new wheelchair. The vlog concludes with a charming scene featuring her son calling the devil on his toy phone.

Throughout the vlog, Roshini’s authenticity shines through, providing viewers not only with a snapshot of her daily life but also with insights into her personal and professional growth. As she bids farewell, Roshini encourages her audience to stay well and find inspiration in their journeys, leaving them eagerly anticipating her next installment.

Glamazini, a work at home mom, talks about self worth.

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