Property Major Case Claim Specialist for The Hartford

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Property Major Case Claim Specialist for The Hartford
Some responsibilities include:

The Property Major Case Claim Specialist is a PMC entry level role. In this position, the Claim Specialist will allocate time between duties that include review and triage of direct escalations and referrals into Property Major Case and the adjustment of property claims with values in excess of $100,000. Claim inventory will consist of I/A oversight as well as full file handling of claims requiring on-site inspections. This position is designed as the intermediary step between Outside Claim Representative or Senior Claim Representative and Associate General Adjuster.

Key responsibilities include:

++ Accurate and timely review and triage of incoming direct claim escalations and claim referrals.

++ Accurate and consistent maintenance of established records regarding disposition of referrals.

++ Establish and maintain a positive working relationship with CCT and Property Centers.

++ Accurately interpret the insurance contract and apply the exposures of the claim to fulfill our contractual obligations to the policyholder.

++ Properly investigate all exposures and/or perils to determine cause, scope, and cost of damage and/or determine liability and extent of damages, including the identification and investigation of subrogation opportunities.

++ Ensure compliance with state statutory requirements and good faith claim handling.

++ Conduct investigation to determine the extent of exposure for purposes of reserving and ultimate payment.

++ Efficiently and effectively document all claim activity to support the outcome of the claim file. Comply with all internal and external reporting requirements.

++ Identify predictive indicators of fraud, perform background checks, coordinate with special investigators, report to external agencies and bureaus, and assist in identification of trends, perpetrators and patterns of suspicious or fraudulent activity.

++ Identify subrogation and salvage opportunities and partner with internal or external business partners to secure maximum recovery.

++ Utilizes thorough cost benefit analysis in the selection and management of vendors

++ Demonstrates expense discipline in incurring and paying expenses.

++ Guide policyholder through the claim process to ensure understanding

++ Overnight travel maybe required

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