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    Reimbursement Specialist – Patient Plus for Xerox in Somerset, New Jersey

    Some responsibilities include:

    **Handle inbound/outbound reimbursement and PAP calls
    **Perform extensive reimbursement counseling, including: private and government insurance investigation, advocacy counseling, research alternative payment options (third party payers), insurance and medical coding (ICD9, J coding)
    **Perform Patient scheduling
    **Assist with forms acquisition and completion
    **Assist team in assuring phone and order entry coverage
    **Print, mail and/or fax program correspondence
    **Validate licensed practitioners
    **Review applications
    **Data enter applications for approval, denial or rejection
    **Meet department data entry standards
    **Assist in the measurement of performance against standards
    **Meet department Reimbursement Specialist standards
    **Troubleshoot internal process, PAP caller, and customer issues

    Administer cost share program, if applicable

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