Work at Home Data Entry Jobs at Lionbridge

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Alicia, a representative from Workers On Board, released a video tutorial guiding viewers on the transition from Virtual Bee to Lionbridge for data entry work from home. The informative session provides a step-by-step walkthrough on signing up for data entry tasks on the new Lionbridge platform.

Virtual Bee users looking to continue their data entry work seamlessly are redirected to Lionbridge, where the merger has taken place. Alicia emphasizes that while the platform has undergone changes, the process remains fundamentally the same.

To sign up, users simply need to click on the “Join Now” button and fill in essential details such as name, email address, password, and location.

After signing up, users receive an email from Lionbridge within an hour, which needs confirmation. Alicia advises checking the junk or spam folder for the confirmation email. She highlights the importance of completing at least one evaluation and agreeing to terms before commencing work. The evaluations play a crucial role in determining task assignments and potential earnings.

Alicia addresses concerns about the transition, assuring users that logging in remains familiar. For those already working with Virtual Bee, she demonstrates how to log in using the same credentials. The Lionbridge dashboard, though slightly different, provides information on pending tasks, rejected tasks, and earnings.

While guiding users through a sample data entry task, Alicia notes that completion is mandatory, and there is no option to pause or put tasks on hold. She stresses the need for accuracy and mentions that evaluations reflect one’s skills, influencing task availability.

Alicia also encourages viewers to explore various data entry tasks offered on the platform and assures that Lionbridge is actively hiring worldwide.

The video provides valuable insights for both existing and potential data entry workers, offering clarity on the transition process and expectations. Viewers are encouraged to check out the accompanying post for additional information.

Workersonboard talks about work at home data entry jobs at Lionbridge.

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