Work at Home Transcription Jobs

Work at home jobs dealing with various types of transcription. Including general, legal and medical transcribing. There seems to be a good amount of work at home jobs in transcription and we have a rather large list below. Medical transcription is becoming increasingly popular and numerous at home workers are going back to school to earn degrees and certificates in medical transcription to become medical transcribers. General transcription is also popular and it's fairly easy to find some type of work at home job it the general transcription field. Legal transcription jobs don't appear to be as abundant as general and medical transcription jobs, but there are some listed here. There are also some for business, media, television and more!

iDictate-Transcribing personal notes, dictations, etc into text.

Quicktate-Transcribing short voice mails, personal notes, etc into text.

Ubiqus- Transcribing various types of verbatim, medical and/or foreign language audio files.

Oracle Transcription Inc- Transcribing medical dictations and other medical audio files.

Avtronics - Transcribing legal audio and video reports.

Ads Transcription Company- Transcribing various Medical, Legal and/or Corporate audio files.

Accentance- Transcribing various types of files.

Accurate Typing Services Inc- Transcribing various medical audio files.

Accuscribe Transcription Services- Transcribing various medical audio files.

Accutran Global- Transcribing various files.

Axolotl Health Connected- Transcribing various medical audio files.

BVS Trans Tech-Transcribing various medical audio files.

Cambridge Transcriptions- Transcribing A+ Legal and Corporate, Medical and Technical audio files.

Caption Colorado- Writing captions for missing soundtracks & providing access to world events.

Chromolume Transcription- Transcribing content from various film, video, audio or digital media.

Bridge Documents- Transcribing medical, legal publishing and general business files.

CyberDictate- Transcribing legal and standard files.

Diversified Reporting- Field reporters dealing with video, audio, etc

Express Document Service Inc- Transcribing various types of files including medical and legal.

Fantastic Transcripts- Transcribing various types of files. (Boston, MA area only)

Legal Stenography - Transcribing verbatim voice dictation, letters, court documents, conferences, business and more

Mass Transcription- Transcribing various types of files.

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