3 Companies Offering Non Phone Work at Home

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Shay from DreamHomeBasedWork.com is a seasoned expert in the realm of remote work, and she shares valuable insights into companies offering non-phone work a home opportunities. With a warm greeting and a genuine desire to address a frequently asked question, Shay dives into a discussion on three noteworthy companies actively seeking individuals for remote roles.

First on the list is Proofreading Pal, currently hiring proofreaders and editors. Shay emphasizes the flexibility this company offers, allowing individuals to commit at least 5 hours per week on proofreading tasks. The pay structure, based on the number of words proofread, ensures a fair compensation system.

Camp, an online tutoring platform, makes its appearance as the second recommendation. Shay underscores the global reach of this company, enabling individuals to teach English to students worldwide. While emphasizing the pay rate per minute, she advises viewers to consider this as a part-time or side job due to the fluctuating workload.

The third company highlighted is Apple, with openings for at-home advisors. Shay details the responsibilities of this role, emphasizing the need for strong writing skills in customer interactions via chat. Apple’s attractive benefits, including a free MacBook for work purposes and employee discounts, add an extra layer of appeal to the $14 per hour pay rate.

Throughout the video, Shay maintains her characteristic personable tone, reassuring viewers that detailed information is available in the description box. She invites questions and encourages sharing the video with friends and family interested in remote opportunities. Shay’s approach blends professionalism with a friendly demeanor, making her advice not only informative but also relatable to her audience.

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