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Intel Stock Plummets as CHIPS Act Passes the House

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Dave: Intel just reported second quarter earnings after the bell. Yahoo Finance’s Jared Blikre, here on the same day that the CHIPS Act passes the House, which really benefits Intel, and shares are plummeting, Jared.

Jared: Dave, ironic that there is no boost from that. Let’s take a look at the numbers because I actually… Let me begin with a quote from the CEO Pat Gelsinger. Gelsinger, “We must, and will, do better.” And we’re gonna go over those numbers. See if they can improve upon them. Adjusted EPS for the second quarter coming in at 29 cents. The estimate was for double that, 69 cents. More than double that. And then, just going down the numbers, client computing revenue 7.7 billion.

The estimate was for 8.8 billion. Data Center, 4.6 billion, estimate 6.4 billion.
Now on to the forecast. This is where it gets a little bit scary. Seeing adjusted revenue of 65 to $68 billion. Previously, they saw 76. The estimate on Wall Street was about 74 and three quarters billion. Also they are seeing adjusted EPS of 2.3 dollars, $2.30. Previously, they saw $3.60. Estimate was for $3.39. Adjusted gross margin for the full year seeing 49% and the estimate was for higher at 51.8%.

Finally, capital expenditures, $23 billion, whereas before they saw 27 billion. The Street had an estimate a little bit lower than that. They are in the midst of a turnaround strategy right now. And execution wise, we gotta wonder if this is just an idiosyncratic story or if this is just about the industry as a whole.

I want to go to the YFi Interactive, and we’re seeing the shares down about nine, 10% right now. Actually,7 3/4, but let’s check out a year-to-date chart, is down 23%. CHIPS being very highly levered to the economy. We did get that negative GDP print earlier today. That’s backwards looking, but everybody wants to know, are people still buying chips and are our manufacturers able to deliver them to market?

Bitcoin Trades Below $23,000 Following ECB Rate Hike

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EXCERPT: Welcome back to Yahoo Finance Live. Let’s take a look at the YFi Interactive to get a check on how the cryptos are doing this morning. You can see it is, yikes, spread across the board.

We take a look at the Etherium down 6% intraday. We also take a look at the big fish over here. That is, of course, Bitcoin down 6 1/2%. Down to about 22,600. Although, that is still far above where we were when you consider how far we went down in 2022.

But, of course, all this action coming after Tesla reported earnings yesterday. And Elon Musk’s company dipping 75% of its Bitcoin holdings out of crypto and into Fiat. Again, I mean, I don’t know if it’s a good thing that we’re talking about car companies and and their Bitcoin holdings, but that was pretty notable from yesterday.

Earnings are showing a Fair Amount of Strength

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Speaker 1: There’s a lot to unpack in this market, but just broadly speaking, wondering how you’re viewing the earnings that we’ve gotten so far. Again, we’re very early into this earnings season. We’ve got the banks and we’ve got some of these large companies like Tesla reporting and hitting the tape as well. Any noticeable trends that you’re seeing?

Speaker 2: Well, I think when we take a look at earnings across the board, for the most part, we’re seeing a fair amount of strength. And I think investors coming into this earnings season were concerned about the deceleration and growth, and we’re seeing it, but it’s not nearly as bad as feared.

Right now, we’re going to expect EPS to finish this quarter, up around 9%. And it’s coming from sales growth that’s 13 to 14%. That’s a big number. A part of that margin contraction is coming from financials. So it’s not broad-base. There are certain groups which we’re seeing that margin pressure, but generally speaking, we’re seeing a fair amount of strength across the board. I think banks is one area where we’re seeing a little bit more increase in reserves, and I think investors are looking ahead to see if there is recessionary impulses in that process. But for the most part, we’re feeling comfortable with this coming earnings season.

How to Make Your Resume Impactful

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TRANSCRIPT: I have a small group coaching program that I host, and I had a very special guest at a recent VIP session that I held with them. A recruiter from Meta. Not going to reveal their name, but they gave us a lot of tea. And one of the key ingredients to that tea, especially for recruiters these days is, “How is this candidate not just telling you what they’ve done, but what is the impact of what they’ve done?”

I promise you, it’s how you’re going to stand out on that high stack of applicants because despite the recession that we are potentially heading towards, job postings are still up 54% compared to the recession, so there’s still jobs out there.
There’s still millions more jobs that are open.

So, although we are heading into recession territory – I’m not here to fear monger – but perhaps we’re heading there. There’s still a lot of signs that people are able to make really juicy career moves and get new opportunities.

10 Top Money Saving Tips

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10 Top Money Saving Tips

What are the best money saving tips? Many people have been asking themselves this important question for a couple of times without getting that perfect answer. The following are some of the great tips to save your money;

1. Make your shopping budget: many people often ends up having a spendthrift spending due to lack of shopping list. Make sure whenever you shop, you have a shopping list that will guide you make an informed shopping decision.

2. Watch less television advertisement: Many people often ends up spending their saving due to luring television advertisements about untrue amazing deals. This will help spend your money appropriately.

3. Live within your means: Living a lifestyle that you cannot afford is huge hindrance to saving money. This is because you will end up spending everything you have for the sake of the given lifestyle.

4. Limit the number of times you go out: Going out is the number one way that makes people to spend all their savings. Instead, you invite your friends to your place while preparing meals for them thus saving money.

5. Reduce the amount of money on family or personal entertainment: Most people often spent as high as half their monthly income on family or personal entertainment. By reducing the amount of money you spend on entertainment, you will definitely increase your savings much faster.

6. Avoid expensive habits such as alcohol, smoking etc. Majority of people often spent crazy amounts of money on these kinds of lifestyles and avoiding them will make you have remarkable savings. As a special tip, make sure you only spent on the necessities as opposed to the luxuries.

7. Reduce excessive use of the credit cards: most people often accumulate huge debts through the credit cards. Reducing the usage of credit cards will help you reduce the amounts of credit that you will be ultimately obliged to pay instead of saving.

8. Do second hand shopping: Through online shopping websites such as Craigslist, you can get equally useful and new materials instead of making new purchases. This will definitely help you save money that you could have spent when making new purchases.

9. Take advantage of the shopping discounts and buy bulk; This is the best way of reducing cost at the same time saving money. In addition, you need to be keen the latest purchasing promotions that will enable you to enjoy the best deals in the market.

10. Consult a financial expert on the best money saving tips: Depending on your financial status or the amount of money that you earn at the end of the month, you can approach a qualified expert for the best advice that fits your finances since different people often face different financial problems.

In conclusion, the above 10 best money saving tips will not help solve your current financial challenges but also help come up the best strategies on how plan your future for a financial stability, freedom and prosperity. In addition, you will also avoid the fake deals of get rich fast that are offered in the market.