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    TRANSCRIPT: I have a small group coaching program that I host, and I had a very special guest at a recent VIP session that I held with them. A recruiter from Meta. Not going to reveal their name, but they gave us a lot of tea. And one of the key ingredients to that tea, especially for recruiters these days is, “How is this candidate not just telling you what they’ve done, but what is the impact of what they’ve done?”

    I promise you, it’s how you’re going to stand out on that high stack of applicants because despite the recession that we are potentially heading towards, job postings are still up 54% compared to the recession, so there’s still jobs out there.
    There’s still millions more jobs that are open.

    So, although we are heading into recession territory – I’m not here to fear monger – but perhaps we’re heading there. There’s still a lot of signs that people are able to make really juicy career moves and get new opportunities.

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  • Hiring Work at Home Jobs 27.10.2016 Comments Off on Call Center / Customer Service for ASCOKC
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    Call Center / Customer Service for ASCOKC

    Some responsibilities include:

    ASCOKC is currently searching for Call Center / Customer Service candidates that are looking for extra holiday money!

    These position that we are working to fill are Work from Home. Yes, you read it correctly. Work From Home. Must have home phone, computer and internet connection.

    The pay is $10.50 an hour. Call (405)-516-WORK (9675) for more details. Apply online at www.americanstaffcorp.com

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