Cleaning Service Home Based Business

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Owning your own business for less than $5,000 is far from bad if you can earn an average of $40,000 for the first year of operation already excluding the capital. The Return-On-Income is expected to be at its quickest with a cleaning service home business, also commonly called among business establishments as janitorial services.

Unlike supplying manpower to private individuals, this home based business is more directed towards other businesses for their cleaning requirements.

A cleaning service home business is not exactly the glamorous type but it is proven lucrative nonetheless. Start-up materials and manpower are minimal given that you offer only a specific type of cleaning and you are willing to do part of the hands-on job yourself. Cleaning agents and equipment need not be a show-off as it is still the result that matters.

Marketing your service does not require too much of your time. Having a list of prospective clients is advised so you can make bids or offer a cheaper and supposedly better option to them. What more is that the competition in this field is not as tough like in other kinds of businesses.

Have your home as accessible as much as possible to accommodate those who want to check you out. Once your cleaning service home business is able to expand, you can move to a more decent office space and have other cleaning services like upholstery, dry cleaning, pipe and wiring maintenance among others listed on your offers. This is possible in as fast as three to six months from the time of your first operation.

Overall, investing on training, cleaning equipment and materials, promotion tactics and transportation are your primary concerns. You do not have to act big right away because this is one business where output and not presentation matters.