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In 1987, Rhonda Anderson was astonished to learn that the group of women before her did not know how to make photo albums and contented themselves with photos hidden away in the most unlikely places, such as under beds, in boxes, and in drawers. She talked to Cheryl Lightle, the company executive of an album manufacturer based in Minnesota, and in that same year Creative Memories was founded with the vision to help people tell their unique and extraordinary stories through photo albums. Creative Memories is a company dedicated to helping people remember cherished moments by saving beautiful and meaningful photos.

The company understands the importance of celebrating a well-lived life by keeping the memories of special people, events and places alive. Aside from photo albums, photo books and scrapbook albums, the company offers information, encouragement and expert advice of a worldwide scale. Its reach goes past the United States and covers Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, and Japan.

With Creative Memories, a wonderful opportunity to make money can be enjoyed by being a consultant. Rewards can be earned from the beginning through the New Consultant Success Plan that lets a consultant get free products worth $100.00 for all qualifying sales activity achieved within the first 30 days. Aside from product certificates, vacations and rebates are also up for grabs.

Aside from the chance to have a means of income, becoming a consultant for Creative Memories has a lot of benefits in store for their consultants. The company is widely known for quality products, so it won’t be a problem generating sales. The company is also launching its Road to Rewards Promotions, a lucrative extension to making money. Over $8,000.00 in cash plus bonus products can be taken home in the first year alone.

For as low as $50.00, any interested party will get a Consultant Kit containing business materials necessary to hold Photo Solutions Parties. Purchase Basic or Enhanced Completion Kits to get more sample products. The idea is to build a team that will be composed of recruited members who will then recruit more, thereby allowing a steady stream of income possibilities.

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