Avon Cosmetics Home Business

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For many people, “Avon Calling” is a catchphrase that is as familiar as the iconic Avon Lady. It’s a good bet too that you know someone close to you who happens to be an Avon Lady. Avon was founded back in 1886 by bookseller David McConnell, who found out that his giveaway perfumes had more appeal than the books he sold.

It was hard living during the early years, yet Avon had always strove to be a standard for women since its inception, and offering women a chance at being financially independent was an uncommon concept back at a time when women were nearly regarded as second class citizens. Avon was able to advocate women empowerment a full 34 years before women in the U.S. had voting rights, and their corporate advocacy still ring true today with the spirit of empowerment, 125 years after its inception.

Avon products are as varied as their customers. Its wide range of products run the gamut from all manners of beauty cosmetics and branches out to include lingerie, home decors, fashion accessories, toiletries, apparel, educational products, baby care, even dietary supplements. If you need it, Avon probably has it.

Anyone can earn with Avon, and it all starts with being an Avon Representative. Being an Avon Representative is a profitable and flexible home business venture: you only put in the number of hours that you can spare. Obviously, however, the better one sells the more profit one gets.

Profit is earned by way of discount: the company will give discounts to their Representatives (starting at 20%) for a set amount of order (which could vary from country to country). The Representatives then sell the products at full price to their customers. The discount also increases for orders exceeding the minimum amount, which means that the more one sells, the higher their profit is.

There will be a very minimal joining fee to start with this home business opportunity, but this already covers fees for necessary training. Training and orientation begins by looking up through their website (Avon) for the nearest Avon Representative to help you out in getting started or answering further inquiries.