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Name of Company: Hubpages

Hubpages Position: Content Writer

Hubpages Writer Description: Writing content in various subjects. Can include articles, poetry, reviews and more, of any kind.

Extra info: Hubpages was launched in 2006 after it was financed by Hummer Winblad, a partnership between Ann Winblad and John Hummer who concentrated on software investments. Hubpages is another website whose content is user generated. Articles contributed are usually written in a magazine style and posted as an individual web page or hub.

How to Get Started with Hub pages
To get started and become a Hubber, one just needs to create an account and from there publish his article or hub. With each hub, one can insert any content like photos, videos, maps, etc., which are called capsules. It is important that one makes use of relevant tags or key words in his hub (minimum of two) for search engine optimization.

How to Make Money on Hubpages
One makes money on Hubpages through revenues generated from online advertising. First, one can earn money (up to sixty percent of the total) through impressions or ads that appears in one’s hub. Another way could be through referrals. If one is able to recruit a new Hubber, then he gets a lifetime addition of ten percent from his impressions. If one creates traffic for another hub, then he gets anywhere between nine to 12 percent from the total impressions.

One can also sign up with affiliate programs like Google AdSense, Amazon, and eBay (Note: You must sign up with each affiliate company separately, and then put those affiliate IDs in the Hubpages account.) and Hubpages also has its own Hubpages Ad Program which are premium ads from companies Hub pages partnered with and whose ads will run alongside one’s other capsules.

If one chooses to opt in on all the ad programs, one will be able to earn higher revenues. In fact, the Hubpages Ad Program functions in complement with Google’s AdSense and one can only opt in on the Ad Program after creating an AdSense account. Writers retain full copyright ownership of their work.

How to Apply: Join Hubpages to get started writing at home.