Lia Sophia Jewelry Home Business

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Lia Sophia is a fashion jewelry company that sells original designs through its network of Independent Sales Advisors. Worn by Hollywood celebrities like Paris Hilton, Rachel Leigh Cook, Vanessa Hudgens, Mena Suvari, Rachael Harris, Teri Polo, and Hilary Duff, to name a few; attests to the stylish designs and high quality that is associated with each Lia Sophia jewelry.

Lia Sophia was started by sales man extraordinaire and entrepreneur Victor Kiam. It originally came under the name Act II Jewelry until Victor purchased it in 1986 and renamed it to Lady Remington. After Victor’s death in 2001, his son Tory took over as President and changed the company’s name to Lia Sophia after his two daughters, Lia and Sophia.

Lia Sophia is a direct selling company employing its network of Independent Sales Advisors who sells its stylish designs at home parties. There are two ways to earn from a Lia Sophia business. One can host a home party by inviting your neighbors and friends to your house for a girl’s night out and let your Advisor act as your personal stylist. By hosting a qualified show you can receive 20 percent of your show’s sales through free jewelry credits. You may also purchase up to four items of your choice at special Hostess Bonus price of $15, purchase up to two items of your choice at half the price, and if you’re able to get 10 orders and 2 dated bookings from your show, you get 40 percent of your show’s sales in jewelry credits. Another way to earn is to become an Independent Advisor.

To become an Advisor you need to invest in a starter kit that costs $149. It includes an array of Lia Sophia’s top selling jewelry and everything you need for your first five shows. Advisors enjoy 30 percent of the profits paid weekly. You may earn up to $1,560 a month if you can organize eight shows a month plus cash bonuses, recognition, free jewelry, and join fantastic trips.

Each piece of Lia Sophia’s jewelry is backed by a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. This means that if there are any defects in the jewelry or if it does not meet the customer’s quality standard, they can return it and have it replaced. For more information on Lia Sophia and how to become a Sales Advisor, you may visit their website at: Lia Sophia.