West at Home

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Name of Company: West at Home

West at Home Job Position: West at Home Agent

West at Home Job Description: Various customer service situations like obtaining, entering and verifying customer information, answering questions, resolving issues, etc.

West at Home Job Requirements:High Speed Internet.
– Quiet Work Environment – Phone

Extra Info: Working from home has a different attraction for each and every person. It might be the flexibility to work on your preferred schedule, a personal career choice or for some; it is to have another source of income. West at Home is one of those virtual call centers that readily provide employment to those who do not want to leave their home but are in need of a job.

To apply for a position, one must fill out an online application form. The process will usually take for about 45 minutes depending on the individual. Candidates must take the job fit assessment and rank their preferences. West at Home will use the results to help determine where you would be most successful.

West at Home requires a behavioral assessment that every applicant must complete. This will measure a variety of components important to the job itself including sales, integrity, customer service and cognitive abilities. The candidates who were able to successfully complete the first part of the assessment process will be invited to complete another set of additional screenings.

Most of the projects that an agent will be receiving will involve obtaining, entering and verifying customer information. Others will be answering customer questions and resolving issues. There are also instances wherein agents will be explaining sales features or offering additional products or services.

The advantages of working at West at Home is that they have a flexible schedule, you’ll be able to save on transportation cost, no need to worry about a dress code, agents will be receiving medical and dental benefits from an outside provider, and they will be paid based on per minute, per call or guaranteed hourly rate on a bi-weekly basis which will be deposited to their accounts.

How to Apply: Click here to learn more and apply for the West at Home at home phone job!