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Name of Company: Arise

Arise Job Position: Arise Certified Professional

Arise Job Description: Assisting customers with various products, situations and services from various companies/clients

Arise Job Requirements:High Speed Internet.
– Corporate License
– Telephone with hold, flash and headset functionality
– Dedicated phone line with no additional features

Extra info: With Arise, you must have a corporate (corporation) license and thus become a Virtual Services Corporation. You will be able to choose which Arise clients you wish to serve. There are two other categories besides general customer service, and the categories are tech support and sales. PLEASE NOTE: Residents of FLORIDA are currently unable to work with Arise.

Arise Virtual Solutions Inc. is a company that provides virtual business services to help improve business performance and results. Ever since 1997, they have been known to provide high-quality customer service (chat, email, voice) and technical support agents, also known as Arise Certified Professionals (ACPs), to businesses all over the world.

Arise Certified Professionals (ACPs) are a network of home-based agents who are self-incorporated. ACPs may be based in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or Ireland. Arise offers endless opportunities to ACPs by providing them the best selection of brands. From these, an ACP can choose which brand or company to work for and the number of working hours he can render.

Requirements to be an Arise Certified Professional are minimal. You can directly apply via their website as long as you are 18 years of age or older. Then, after you have applied, you will be given an ACP identification number so you will be able to track your application status.

If you are able to complete the application process, you are now required to make a virtual services corporation. It sounds difficult but it is really easy and you can complete all the needed requirements online. You can visit online incorporation services or, if you want to do it the traditional way, you can always consult with your accountant or lawyer.

The last step is to establish a home office. Make sure that you have a corporate bank account for payment transactions, Internet access, a dedicated telephone line and headset, and an email account (ISP).

How to Apply: Click here to learn more and apply for Arise!