Scentsy Home Based Business

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Company Overview

Scentsy was founded by Orville and Heidi Thompson on July 1, 2004. The direct selling business model of the company for a safe and wickless alternative to scented candles turned out to be a phenomenal success. By 2011, the company has grown its network to 87,428 consultants. Scentsy now has 725 employees under its wing and occupies approximately 500,000 sq. ft. for its business operations. Today, the owners continue to live by the 3-point strategy of “Simplicity, Authenticity and Generosity” that has catapulted the company to success.

How to Make Money with Scentsy

To promote and earn from their independent business, each Scentsy consultant gets the following freebies:
Free website for 3 months (only $10/ month charge after this period)
Free online workstation
Free credit card processing
Free shipping on orders greater than $150 (discounted shipping will be provided for the Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Guam areas)

The earnings from Scentsy would be dependent on the time and energy invested on the business. Consultants earn a commission ranging from 20% to 30% from their own sales. They also get bonuses from sales produced by other consultants they have sponsored. SuperStar Directors can even make as much as 6-figure incomes per year.

How to Get Started with Scentsy

Getting started with a Scentsy home business is quite simple. You may call one of the company’s Consultants directly or sign-up through the company’s website. After paying just $99 (plus tax and shipping), a Scentsy starter kit will be sent to you. The kit includes fragrance testers, demo products and other business supplies. Your Sponsor will guide you through the Scentsy experience by showing how the company’s training and support tools can be maximized for sales advantage.

What Entails A Scentsy Consultant in the United States

Being a Scentsy consultant in the United States does not require a college degree, a sales background or a large start-up capital. It just entails a desire to share and socialize. It means surrounding yourself with family, friends, and acquaintances as they, themselves experience the beauty of the Scentsy products. All a Scentsy Consultant needs is the yearning for freedom — from the rat race of traditional jobs — and the drive for success. For more information visit Scentsy’s website: Scentsy.