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Some responsibilities include:

On a rush basis, the proofer will be responsible for correcting any errors remaining from the editing cycle primarily terminology, numbers, and personnel. The proofer may also be required to do internet research to validate this information. A key difference between proofreading transcripts and proofreading original written documents is that the text must match the speech whether grammatical or not. Prior experience doing transcription or captioning work is particularly applicable.

The proofer also documents the errors they correct so that prior roles can be scored appropriately. On average, proofing should be completed within 2 times the length of the call, which are, on average, just under an hour long; however, the difficulty and the quality of the transcript provided will be considered when calculating turnaround requirements, e.g. if the call is considered easy, proofing should be accomplished in less than 2X, if difficult, a longer turnaround will be allowed. Most calls are considered normal with a 2X turnaround requirement.

Earnings calls are generally scheduled from 8:00a-7:00p EST. We need proofers who can work from approximately noon-3:00a EST, weekdays, with a particular need for proofers in the Pacific Standard Time Zone who are willing to work 8:00pm -3:00am EST to complete the late afternoon calls.

The work is cyclical and corresponds with the four earnings seasons: January, April, July, October. Each earning season is 4-6 weeks depending on whether it is quarterly or year-end. During earnings seasons (peak) there will be weekday and, possibly, weekend work available. Outside of earnings season (off-peak), there is some on-going work, but at much, much lower volumes. S&P Global Market Intelligence is interested in entering into a long-term relationship, in particular those who are able to return quarter after quarter.

Skills and Qualifications:
Touch typing 60 WPM+. Good “ear” to understand recorded audio and accented speech. Strong English grammar skills. Good vocabulary, particularly across a broad range of industries and a familiarity with financial-related terminology. Quick to pick up new software. Attention to detail. Follows through on commitments. Familiarity with the Total Eclipse editing software is particularly beneficial, but not required.

The proofer is an Independent Contractor role. Your qualification for independent contractor status will be verified by the HR organization via your responses to a questionnaire. S&P Global Market Intelligence will supply software to edit the transcripts and to access internal systems, but the candidate is responsible for all hardware, a high-speed internet connection and a good quality headset. It is a PC environment, Macintosh is not currently supported unless it is running software that emulates the PC environment.

To qualify there is an investment of time, on average of approximately 20 hours, to demonstrate your qualification to do this work. Each of the following must be successfully accomplished to qualify for the next step. This includes:
–Pre-qualifying quiz.
–Reading assignments and quizzes on their content.
–Proofing two complete calls with associated scoring and coaching on your results.

If you successfully complete the above, you will then enter a short paid training phase. This includes proofing 2-3 real transcripts to verify you reach production standards. Thereafter, your early production calls will continue to be closely monitored to verify your ability to maintain production standards. The proofer must maintain production standards in order to continue to be eligible for the role.

Pay is calculated off a base rate of $20/hour. To earn $20/hour, the proofer must meet both quality and turnaround targets. If quality and turnaround are better than targets, the proofer can earn more than $20/hr. If quality and turnaround are lower than targets, the proofer will earn less than $20/hr. More details will be provided if/when you pass the pre-qualification tests.

How to Respond
If you are interested in this opportunity, please reply to this ad, with your resume. For more information about S&P Global Market Intelligence, please visit

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