Work from Home Program U-Haul Sales and Reservations

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The U-Haul Sales and Reservations Work from Home program offers part-time job opportunities with flexible hours, allowing individuals to work from anywhere in North America.

U-Haul, a leader in the moving and storage industry since 1945, employs over 600 work-from-home moving specialists who receive comprehensive training.

The training program consists of a four-week period that includes self-paced online courses and group training conducted via webinars.

After the initial training, managers and support teams provide monitoring, counseling, and a three-month continued education plan for ongoing support. Assistance is readily available from trainers, managers, and support teams. Working from home requires self-motivation and the ability to manage time effectively.

During peak seasons, moving specialists handle back-to-back calls from customers across the United States and Canada, providing excellent customer care. They assist customers with reservations, inquiries about U-Haul equipment and services, storage rooms, and hitches. All calls are recorded and can be monitored by sales and reservations management.

To participate in the work-from-home program, a quiet and private work area, a high-speed internet connection, a personal computer or laptop, and a USB headset are required.

The program is beneficial for military spouses who frequently relocate, as well as students who prefer working a few hours around their classes and study time. It also provides retirees with an opportunity to earn extra income and offers the convenience of eliminating commuting time and expenses.

If you are a self-motivated individual who enjoys helping people from the comfort of your own home, the U-Haul Sales and Reservations Work from Home program could be the ideal job for you.

Work from Home Program (U-Haul Sales and Reservations)
If you are looking for a part-time job that allows you to work flexible hours and work from home from anywhere in North America, the U-Haul Sales and Reservations Work from Home Program might just be what you’re looking for.

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