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    Mobile App Developer / Engineer

    Some responsibilities include:

    Are you tired of working in a cubicle instead of coding from a tropical beach or a cafe in Italy? Our office is Skype and you can work from anywhere in the world. We are looking for you, if you value this kind of freedom and you are a top notch developer, who completes projects on time and makes QA feel superfluous. This is a position for someone who has a passion for learning, loves mobile technology, and enjoys sharing their knowledge with others. “Mediocre” should be a term that makes you queasy and the “unknown” should drive you towards discovery rather than making you nervous.

    You must have experience in OOD, standard programming languages (Java, C++), a background in engineering, computer science, or any education that has given you sufficient exposure to computers and programming to be effective on day one (this could be a degree in Music if you were programming for it).

    However, more important than all of the above is a passion to learn, create, and exceed expectations.

    We are a high-tech company in California developing advanced mobile applications for iPhone/iPad, Android, and other devices for some of the largest conferences and meetings in the medical and scientific industry. Attendees and clients love our apps and that means: While you are enjoying a remote office from a mountain top, you helped save thousands of trees, reduced many tons of paper waste, and possibly connected scientists and doctors who are now working on the next breakthrough cancer research.

    If you are in the Bay Area or in Philly, grab your laptop and head to a coffee shop – we may be working there. Or take the next plane to Europe and meet us in Paris. We make the world our office and thanks to ‘the cloud’, a remote telecommuting position like this is possible. Meet with the team once a year in a social setting like skiing in Tahoe.

    More information about ATIV Software can be found at http://ativsoftware.com

    Design and build advanced applications for Android and iOS
    Ability to work as part of a team as well as individually towards a common goal
    Ensure maximum compatibility with older iOS and Android versions
    Debug and improve mobile application performance
    Prioritize tasks to meet business goals, deliver high quality on time


    Bachelor’s degree with a GPA 3.+
    3+ years experience in software development
    US residents eligible to work in the US
    Reliable high-speed Internet access required and Skype

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