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Shared Living Provider for Massachusetts MENTOR

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Shared Living Provider Opportunity in Merrimack Valley, MA

Helping Others While Earning from Home

Massachusetts MENTOR, a reputable provider of home and community-based human services, is on the lookout for compassionate individuals or families residing in the Merrimack Valley area. They seek to license homes for shared living arrangements, facilitating support for individuals in need within the community.


  • Licensing Your Home: Offer your residence as a safe and nurturing environment for those requiring support.
  • Supportive Environment: Foster a welcoming atmosphere conducive to the well-being and growth of the individual under your care.
  • Personalized Assistance: Provide assistance with daily activities and promote independence as appropriate.
  • Connection and Community: Facilitate integration into community activities and engagement to enhance social inclusion.
  • Collaboration: Work in conjunction with Massachusetts MENTOR to ensure the best possible care and support for the individual.


  1. Financial Compensation: Earn income by opening your home to those in need.
  2. Meaningful Impact: Make a tangible difference in someone’s life by offering them a supportive living environment.
  3. Flexible Arrangements: Enjoy the flexibility of working from home while contributing to your community.
  4. First Floor Advantage: Higher compensation is offered for homes or bedrooms located on the first floor, providing an additional incentive.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in this rewarding opportunity, please contact (978) 531-0818 ext. 2704 for further details. Don’t forget to mention this ad when you call.

For more information and to explore this job opportunity further, visit Massachusetts MENTOR’s website.

In conclusion, becoming a Shared Living Provider with Massachusetts MENTOR offers a unique chance to combine earning potential with making a positive impact in the lives of others within the Merrimack Valley community.

Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivables DPV Transportation Inc in Boston, MA

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Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivables DPV Transportation Inc – Boston, MA

Some responsibilities include:

**Participate in some Human Resources duties such offer letter, hourly wage payments, benefits input, records voluntary deduction and maintain financial data. .
**Maintain a friendly, cheerful and courteous demeanor at all times
Performs other duties as assigned or deemed necessary by management.
**Help dispatch, take reservations, answer phone calls; all depending on volume.
**Respond to all accounting incidents, complaints, questions, and inquiries quickly.
**Work with accounts receivable and accounts payable to insure timely payments of direct bill accounts as well as posting daily revenues.
**Maintain a current on-going knowledge of our competitors’ activities and customer concerns and special event coverage.
**Perform weekly evaluations of past due invoices and upcoming invoices.
**Participate in payroll activities
**Print checks, records expenses, bill customers, and ensure corrective accounting principles
**Serve as a financial advisor for the President of the company.
**Place calls to affiliates for trip charges, send services receipts, negotiate with vendors, ensure proper billing and reconciliation of all invoices.
**Maintain adequate level of education, training, and awareness of accounting principles.
**Record all transaction in quick books and guarantee proper storage of sensitive information.

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