Work at Home Data Entry Jobs With TELUS, AccuTran Global and More

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Shay from Dream Home Based Work kicked off the new year by sharing valuable insights on data entry and typing jobs available in 2024. With a warm greeting, Shay wished her audience a blessed and prosperous year ahead.

Shay first introduced AccuTran Global, a Canadian company offering work at home typing jobs in the US, UK, and Canada. Emphasizing the importance of a typing speed of at least 70 words per minute, Shay highlighted the company’s longstanding reputation of over 20 years. She guided viewers on how to apply through the official website, providing a glimpse of the current openings.

Next on the list was Axion Data, known for regularly hiring data entry agents. Shay highlighted the need for 2-3 years of data entry experience and a typing speed of 50 words per minute. She encouraged flexibility, as the role allowed part-time independent contracting, offering potential earnings between $5 to $19 per hour.

Shay also brought attention to Pie Insurance, seeking a premium audit specialist in the US. The role involved examining manuals, records, and reports, with no requirement for a degree. Shay outlined the qualifications, including a high school diploma and three years of professional work experience, and shared details on the starting salary and benefits.

TELUS International was the final company Shay recommended for data entry and typing jobs. She mentioned the various positions available, such as data annotation and online raiders, though she cautioned about the lower pay rates. Shay outlined the simple requirements—just a high school diploma and residence in the country for three consecutive years.

As promised, Shay shared a resume hack using ChatGPT to extract keywords from job descriptions and generate customized resume introductions. She demonstrated the process step by step, providing a valuable tool for crafting the perfect resume summary.

Closing the video, Shay encouraged viewers to sign up for her free email newsletter, promising a list of 10 fast-hire remote jobs instantly. She also promoted her resume template bundle, designed to help job seekers stand out in the competitive remote job market.

In her signature friendly tone, Shay wished her audience the best in their job searches and invited comments for more resume tips. With detailed information on each opportunity and a touch of personal connection, Shay’s professional yet personable style resonated with her audience, making the complex world of remote job hunting more accessible.

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