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    Field Service Representative for The Nielsen Company in Baltimore, MD

    Some responsibilities include:

    – Establish and maintain long term relationships from randomly selected Panel Members.
    – Responsible for prioritizing, scheduling, and completing all work following established policy and guidelines in an assigned territory.
    – Responsible for maintaining work assignments to meet various Nielsen objectives and performance goals including Market and Sample commitments, contractual requirements, quality standards, policy and procedural requirements, and customer satisfaction.
    – Responsible for accurately collecting and reporting Panel demographics and audience information using Nielsen proprietary software.
    – Responsible for diagnosing and troubleshooting data / equipment and taking necessary corrective action to collect and retrieve accurate audience data.
    – Ensure collection and transmission equipment is properly installed and configured in Nielsen Panels to transmit necessary audience data.
    – Maintains company assets following Field policy including in-home networking software and equipment, company car, laptop, and company expense account.
    – Educates and coaches Panel members on operation and usage of Nielsen equipment to ensure optimum performance results.
    – Coaches each Panel member regarding security procedures and expected participation responsibilities to protect the integrity of the Nielsen sample.
    – Must use negotiation skills to gain and maintain cooperation of Panel members, solicit additional participation in Nielsen samples, such as PC measurement, portable video, and others.
    – Must use negotiation skills to work with phone, voice, data, and content providers



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