10 Ways to Make Passive Income Online

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Roberto Blake discusses 10 different ways to make passive income online. He emphasizes that passive income requires hard work and dispels the myth that it means not having to work or put in effort. He explains that large corporations generate passive income through licensing and royalties, highlighting the example of TV shows like Dawson’s Creek.

Some passive income ideas Roberto mentions are:

Affiliate Marketing: Promoting products or services and earning a commission for each sale made through your referral link.

Selling Products: Creating and selling your own products like books, music, or videos on platforms such as Amazon, iTunes, or Google Play.

Licensing: Selling or licensing your intellectual property, such as book rights or ideas for movies or TV shows, to earn royalties or upfront payments.

Stock Resources: Selling stock photos, videos, or audio in marketplaces like iStock or AudioBlocks, allowing marketers and designers to purchase and use them in their projects.

Online Advertising: Generating income through online advertising platforms like Google AdSense. You can monetize your blog or website by displaying ads and earning money based on impressions or clicks.

Video Marketing: Using platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion, or Vimeo to create and monetize video content through ads or paid on-demand videos.

Sponsored Content: Collaborating with sponsors who may offer pay-for-performance deals, flat rates, or commissions based on sales resulting from your content.

Joint Ventures: Partnering with entrepreneurs and selling their products or courses as a joint venture partner, earning a percentage of the profits.

Network Marketing: Participating in reputable network marketing programs. Roberto cautions against pyramid schemes, and highlights the importance of selecting strong and reputable opportunities.

Selling Tangible Products: Using platforms like Amazon or eBay to sell existing products you own, either new or used, to generate income.

Roberto also mentions that he has personal experience with several of these methods, and he encourages viewers to ask questions.

Roberto Blake talks about 10 Ways to Make Passive Income Online


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