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ThriftingThickChick, the popular online influencer known for her insights into work from home opportunities, recently shared two exciting non-phone job opportunities in her latest video. Before delving into the job details, she warmly reminded her audience to visit her Facebook page for a plethora of legitimate work at home job postings.

Addressing a recent concern raised by a follower, ThriftingThickChick clarified that her videos were not authorized on a certain website called Emphasizing her commitment to sharing only genuine job opportunities, she urged viewers to rely on information directly from her or her official work at home job page on Facebook.

Now, onto the job highlights. The first opportunity she presented was a customer service representative position for OkCupid, the renowned dating platform. The role involves providing email support and requires applicants to be adept at working 30 to 40 hours per week. ThriftingThickChick stressed the importance of promptly applying, as job availability can change.

The second job recommendation was for a communication specialist at 310 Nutrition LLC. This high-end health product company seeks candidates for email and social media support roles. ThriftingThickChick shared key details, including the requirement to mention typing speed in the subject line of the email to ensure proper consideration. The position, which involves handling social media, customer service responses, and live chat, pays $10 per hour.

Throughout the video, ThriftingThickChick’s engaging and informative style encouraged her audience to explore these opportunities promptly. With her genuine concern for her followers’ success, she concluded by leaving the relevant links for the job applications and her Facebook job page in the video description.

ThriftingThickChick talks about non-phone work at home jobs.

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