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    Name of Company: Textbroker

    Textbroker Job Position: Textbroker Author

    Textbroker Job Description: Writing articles/reports for various clients in the Textbroker database

    Textbroker Job Requirements:
    – Must have a Paypal account to work with Textborker. Paypal account is how you receive earned wages.

    Extra info: Textbroker is website that serves as an intermediary between online freelance writers and clients. Offering an easy job that would satisfy writers of all kinds, this company presents a comfortable environment throughout their forums. Plus, payments for article submissions are actually fast and reasonable.

    Responsibilities of a Textbroker Contributor: The company allows their writers to submit articles whenever they can. This means that you’ll have a total freedom when it comes to your working schedule. Aside from this, the company will also allow you to set your own salary for DirectOrders. This type of article orders means that a client just wants a certain writer to work on a set. Hence, the topics are sent directly to your inbox. This is why you can set your own payment rates for this kind of job orders.

    Get Started with the Company: Registering and becoming one of Textbroker’s authors can be done within a few steps. First, you need to access the company’s website to sign up as a writer. You’ll need to register your name or pen name, password, PayPal account details and other information that would be relevant for your job. Then, a profile will be automatically generated for you. At this point, you need to submit your sample article on the website. Wait for your application to be approved and once you are accepted, you can start writing articles as soon as you can.

    The System: The company assigns a number of stars that corresponds to the quality of a certain writer’s articles. 5 stars is the highest level. This means that the writer submits professional quality content every time. 4, 3 and 2 stars are the succeeding levels with 2 stars being the lowest. Such levels correspond to a decreasing quality of submissions as the number of stars lowers. Five-star Textbroker writers actually receive higher payments for their articles, with $25 per standard length content.

    There is a rating system with Textbroker and the better you do the higher your rating goes up (it can be as high as 5 Stars!)

    How to Apply: Click here to learn more and apply for the Text Broker work at home writing job!

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