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    examinerName of Company: Examiner

    Examiner Position: Content Writer

    Examiner Position Description: Writing content on various subjects.

    Extra info: Providing a number of news websites in various cities in the country, Examiner is an online company that seeks to present the public with some information regarding various topics. With this, Examiners may act quite similar to a local news organization, since most of their writers are discussing sports events, local weather and even politics. This makes this company a popular one indeed. In fact, Examiners was dubbed as one of the fastest growing website network in 2009. The company even boasts of over 500, 000 thousand Examiners scattered around 240 markets in the North American continent.

    What Does an Examiner do? Examiner.com typically refers to its contributors as Examiners. And these Examiners are seasoned writers who give their insights on certain issues affecting their city or area. According to the company, the Examiners serve as the public’s eye on some of their most important concerns.

    Credibility is one trait the company looks for in their prospective Examiners. Since these people provide the public with some relevant information, it’s an imperative that the writers will be reliable enough to verify their reports using extensive research and interviews. Applicants for the company even undergo a criminal records screening where they are checked for any crimes done in the past. When a person qualifies for all the characteristics the company is looking for, he may then join Examiner’s long list of writers. A writer can choose on a specific edition and category among the website’s 240 editions and 25 categories.

    How are Examiners Paid? Examiners are paid using a black box method where the amount of payment is based on the number of page views a certain Examiner receives. Recent modifications to the system now feature subscriptions, page traffic and session lengths among other considerations when calculating for the Examiner’s salary.

    With all of these, being an Examiner may just be huge leap for the writing career of most people.

    How to Apply: Join Examiner to get started writing at home.

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