Being a Work at Home Mom

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Megan Bryant talks about juggling a myriad of roles as she embarks on a vlogging project inspired by her 16-year-old daughter’s foray into vlogging.
In a candid home office moment, Megan sheds light on her bustling life as the creator and director of Idaho Laugh Fest, a prominent Comedy Festival. Beyond her festival duties, she engages in stand-up, improv, and corporate functions through her company, Zip Zap Zap, specializing in improvisation-based corporate training.

In her engaging and relatable style, Megan answers the oft-asked question about managing it all. Acknowledging her life as organized chaos, she describes herself as a controlled explosion, a term bestowed upon her by a friend. Megan offers glimpses into her workspace adorned with color-coded folders and a personalized sign, showcasing her dedication to staying organized.

As a wife and mother of three, Megan navigates the chaos with strategic multitasking. Sharing her pragmatic approach to entrepreneurship, she emphasizes the importance of seizing opportunities despite the absence of a perfect moment.
With a quick bite in hand and her youngest napping, Megan invites her viewers to join her on this vlogging journey, offering a sneak peek into her life through the lens of a vibrant entrepreneur and dedicated mother.

Megan Bryant talks about being a work at home mom.

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