Work at Home Texting Jobs

Texting work at home jobs usually consists of a customer / user texting you questions or comments about a numerous amount of subjects through their cell phone, and then you, in turn, respond to them through your computer - via the texting company you are working at home for. Other times the customer / user is writing their question or comments through a computer and you respond to them the same way (similar to Yahoo! Answers). Usually, in order to work at home for a texting company, you must log in to the texting company's system and take text questions and respond to those questions through the texting system on your computer. Note: NO adult texting jobs are listed here! KGB - Answering text message questions from cell phone users.

WebAnswers - Answer user's questions online, if you are chosen for best answer / awarded answer you will earn a percentage of the revenue generated by that question from Google AdSense. Knoji - Knoji is a community-powered social shopping service. Help provide the details behind thousands of shopping websites, including customer reviews, coupons, etc and get paid!

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