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Work at home Job lead. There should be no fees required to apply or work for any company. Please contact any company you are interested in working with with questions.

Have you considered a career as a virtual assistant? Learn Then Earn with Team Double-Click, Inc. the World s Leader in Virtual Staffing!

Did you know that our training courses are FREE to any Team Double-Click contractor? That's right - not only do we teach you how to assist our clients as a virtual assistant but find the work for you too free.

Team Double-Click, Inc. provides professional virtual office assistants and professional real estate virtual assistants for small and home-based businesses, like speakers, real estate agents, coaches, and other small businesses.

We offer our virtual assistants
* Free (always) training,
* Free (always) mentoring and
* Free (always) exposure to the latest technology you ll get a chance to learn about some of the most cutting-edge hardware and software solutions available.

You see, we are a virtual staffing agency, working with hundreds of the best professional virtual office assistants the world has to offer. We do the selling and marketing, we do the invoicing, and we give you the training, all at no charge to you - no exceptions. In fact, once you pass through our screening process, if we place you with a client, you are actually being paid to learn.

Of course, we cannot guarantee placement in every instance, and we will be honest with you about your chances of being placed based on your skills and availability and on the number of clients we have awaiting a virtual assistant. We do promise our best efforts to generate an always-growing client base that allows us to place our best and brightest which is, hopefully, you!

We welcome you and we'd be happy to have you join our team too! Because demand is so high for our services, we are continually in search of quality virtual assistants and those aspiring to be quality, Team Double-Click virtual assistants.

As you ve figured out by now, we are a unique service in that we do not charge our Team Contractors a fee to work with us. So how do we get paid? Well, we receive a percentage from our clients. In other words, clients pay us in order to work with you. Think of us as you would a bricks-and-mortar staffing agency only all the work our contractors do for clients is done virtually from their own home offices. In return for this minimal service fee (which comes directly from our clients, not from our virtual assistants), we take care of all of the billing and communication management. So, each client is a client of Team Double-Click and you work for our clients on our behalf. We do not turn clients directly over to our contractors.

To Register as a Team Contractor with Team Double-Click:

1. Go to
2. Scroll down
3. Click on the "sign up" button
4. Enter your data
5. You ll receive a confirmation message by email

You also have the opportunity to participate in our FREE virtual assistant training courses, some of which are necessary for us to consider placing you. We offer courses in general virtual assistance, real estate virtual assistance, and transaction coordination for real estate. You can learn more about our training and certification programs by visiting our website at Hover over the training button on the navigation bar and click on any one of the training courses that comes up to learn more. submit: Submit url:

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