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Tax Preparer

Some responsibilities include:

Now Hiring
Work-At-Home Tax Preparers

Work for $14/Hour or $100/Return? Bring home $400/week or $4,000/week? Your Choice! Do Both!

Licensed Tax Preparer. Experienced Only Apply. Salary $20k.

We are The Tax Group and are hiring seasonal tax preparers to work from home. The ideal candidate already works for another tax company such as H & R Block, Jackson Hewitt, Liberty Tax or a small Mom & Pop tax office.

During tax season, you have one chance to make as much money within 8 weeks as possible — we make it possible. We do not have a non-compete, which means you can work at another tax office while working for The Tax Group.

Frequently asked Questions:

Question: How many job openings for at home tax preparer does your company have?

Answer: We were formerly at a hiring freeze, now we have an opportunity for less than 200. This is a limited-time employment opportunity.

Question: Can I work with your company and another tax office without getting into trouble? I already have job at another tax office, but they pay me hourly.

Answer: Our Company has a non-compete, which means you will not get into trouble with us if you keep your current tax preparation job.

Question: Will my current tax preparation company call to see if I work for The Tax Group?

Answer: We do not verify employment with anyone except the state and the IRS. You will sign a document that prevents us from verifying employment with private companies.

Question: How much do I get paid and is it a salary or commission? How often do I get paid?

Answer: This is a commission ONLY position. The easiest commission you’ve ever made. We pay $100/tax return, commission is paid when client receives refund only, payroll is weekly and direct deposit through ADP.

Question: Do you provide clients or do we bring our own?

Answer: This position is for experienced tax preparers only. You must provide a minimum of 20 clients before you receive a referral from the Company. We do share out referrals as they come in.

Question: How long has this company been around?

Answer: This Company has been in existence for over 12 years, and we’ve had the pleasure of helping many single mothers, two-parent households and struggling students to overcome poverty by increasing their income $20,000 in a few weeks. We change lives, and look forward to being apart of your life change, by increasing your income and opportunities.

To apply: send your resume along with a cover letter. You may leave a message in our general voice mailbox. Because of overwhelming response, phone calls will be returned within 48 hours.

Job Description:

Position Purpose The licensed tax preparer conducts an in-depth interview with the client to obtain all required information and material to complete the tax return.
Position Responsibilities/Duties/Functions/Tasks
1. ) Establish rapport with clients to build working relationships and increase retention 2.) Provides exceptional customer service 3.) Prepares fast, accurate tax returns using industry leading technology. 4.) Other duties as assigned
Position Qualifications 1.) Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills 2.) Ability to communicate in a professional manner 3.) Basic computer knowledge4. Basic tax knowledge preferred 5.) Attention to detail
Physical Demands and Work Environment Position requires working at home assisting clients.
Employee Acknowledgement This is not necessarily an exhaustive list of responsibilities, skills, duties, requirements, efforts or working conditions. While this list is intended to be an accurate reflection of the current job, The Tax Group reserves the right to revise the functions and duties of the job or to require that additional or different tasks be performed when circumstances change (i.e. emergencies, changes in personnel, work load, or technological developments).
The Tax Group is an equal opportunity employer
Job Type: Part-time

Required experience:
• Tax preparer: 1 year

CLICK HERE to view this job opportunity (the link will be in the Google result). Apply now. Jobs go fast!

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