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    Inbound Call Center Customer Service Representative for
    Customer Direct in Saint Ann, MO

    Some responsibilities include:

    About the Position:
    The Customer Care Specialist builds customer loyalty through the courteous, efficient handling of customer interactions that arrive through our phone, email, mail and chat systems.
    What We’re Looking For:

    – Strong motivation and drive to help others and solve problems by trouble shooting.
    – Strong belief in individual effort contributing to success.
    – Excellent written and verbal English communication skills, demonstrated by consistent use of proper and professional language to include tone, diction, pace, enunciation, and avoidance of slang.
    – Ability to assist diverse customers with a pleasant, patient, and friendly attitude.
    – Proficiency with standard office technologies, including MS Word, Excel, Google Drive, web browsers, email, electronic calendar, instant messaging, information sourcing, etc.
    – Ability to navigate computer software and websites as necessary without third party assistance.
    – Ability to offer superior customer service to high-end customers

    To find out more visit Indeed.com and search for the position title and company. Apply now. Jobs go fast!

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