Email Deliverability Specialist for EngageIQ

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Email Deliverability Specialist for EngageIQ in Santa Clara, CA

More about the Job:

Who we are:

We are an innovative Internet marketing company in Santa Clara, California—the heart of Silicon Valley, and are allowing remote work for this position.

Our global team of technology-driven entrepreneurs and marketers deliver ambitious amounts of online leads to hundreds of companies every year.

We need an email marketing specialist to join our family and become a pivotal part of our business, as we continue to grow year by year.

What we’re looking for:

You should …

Know the ins and outs of e-mail deliverability, and have hands-on experience with volume in e-mails.
Have experience with e-mail marketing and sending e-mails to large numbers of subscribers
Be able to guide the development of scripts to analyze deliverability of emails.
Be able to set up and monitor delivery metrics, and develop plans to improve inbox placement.
Be able to work with a team to make sure we are in compliance with legal requirements such as CAN-SPAM.
Be able to maintain IP reputation.
Be able to remedy blacklists, identify spam traps, and work with an ISP to optimize sending rates.
Have a proven track record.
Have experience with deliverability testing.
Have strong knowledge of email filtering technologies.
Have great knowledge and standing within the email deliverability community.
Have previous experiencing working successfully in an environment requiring employees to wear multiple hats.
Have working knowledge with return path, lasbhack, message systems, SNDS, RBLS, MTA, MxToolbox, Spamhaus. 250ok, Email on Aci, and FBL/CFL.
Have technical knowledge of mail servers (Postfix, Port25, Mdaemon, Message Systems, etc.).
Have working knowledge of maintaining IP reputation.
Have working knowledge of constructing emails to render accurately and test against all clients and browsers.
Have strong knowledge of hand-coding HTML, CSS, JavaScript and slicing and implementing existing images in email and web.
Be able to run reports on deliverability, as well as analyze them and make recommendations based on that analysis.

Your job responsibilities:

Work with all members of our marketing and technology team to develop a strategy for growing our e-mail.

Identify opportunities, and troubleshoot and fix.

Drive our strategy for subscriber acquisition and improve user experience and targeting.

Follow e-mail and website analytics and use them to identify untapped areas for growth.

Perform copywriting and work with our graphic designer to come up with creatives[TT1] .

Oversee the full life cycle of an e-mailing campaign, from conception of the idea to testing, measuring, and optimizing.

Compensation includes: competitive salary and bonus.
Apply now. Jobs go fast!

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